How to Make CBD Oil at Home? A Quick Guide to Cannabis Oil!

How to Make CBD Oil at Home?


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You must be a fan of CBD oil if you are aware of the cannabis industry. There are several health benefits to it and today we share with you How to Make CBD Oil at Home: A Quick Guide to Cannabis Oil. CBD is undoubtedly the hottest topic right now. And people are finally recognizing the benefits to be mainstream and for the therapeutic properties.

How to Make CBD Oil at Home?

Before we jump into the process, if you are new to the subject, we shall go through the basics firsts.  Let’s begin!

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD is the compound that grows naturally and is extracted from the leaves and buds of hemp and marijuana plant. It is completely different from CBD and is safe and non-addictive. Also, CBD oil will not get you high.

CBD Oil Health Benefits:

There are many health benefits for pain relief that one gets from CBD oil. It can help in reducing inflammation in the body and even fighting against cancer. Here are some of the important benefits of CBD oil:

1. Pain Relief:

CBD is a very well known analgesic. It helps, in offering much-needed relief, easing out chronic pain in the body, and offering the much-wanted relief.

2. Reduces Inflammation:

CBD oil can also help people in reducing inflammation. Therefore it will be great for people that suffer from multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and joint disorders.

3. Lowers seizure frequency:  

As per the research, one of the studies was done on medical cannabis. From the total number of people, about 40 percent had lower seizure frequency by half. And in about 5 percent of people, the seizures had completely stopped.

4. Helps with anxiety and Depression:

There have been much comprehensive researches done on CBD and its link with Depression and Anxiety. It was found out that it can assist with PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

5. Can fight cancer:

Although there is a need for more research on the topic, CBD oil may help in slowing down the cancer growth. This will also help with stopping the formation of new blood cells that increase cancer.

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CBD Oil and the Different Ways For Usage:

There are many uses of CBD oil and each has a different purpose. This is all up to the personal preference of the individual.

1. CBD Tinctures:

CBD tinctures are one of the top choices. This can be consumed sublingually.

2. Ingesting:

You can take CBD oil or capsule that can be swallowed.

3. Topical Creams:

Now if you are suffering from any skin condition there are CBD topical available in the market now. These have to be applied to the affected area for pain relief as well.

4. Edible:

CBD edibles like gummies and cookies. So one can get creative by just adding it to the recipes.

5. Vape:

If you are not familiar with any of the above methods, you can also go ahead and make use of CBD oil through vaping.

Zatural free sampleHow to Make CBD Oil at Home: A Quick Guide to Cannabis Oil

So now let’s get to the main topic. How to make CBD oil at Home? Here are some easy steps by which you can make CBD oil and the processing will take from 4 to 5 hours.

Ingredients That you’ll Need:

1. Isopropyl Alcohol  99.5%

Make use of 7.57 liters ( 2 Gallons) per pound or 2 cups for one ounce of cannabis. We also recommend that alcohol is first chilled in the freezer overnight. This will separate the trichomes from cannabis flowers easily.


1.  2 stock pots made of stainless steel or plastic buckets that are made of food-grade material.

2.  A big wooden spoon for stirring or chemical-free lumber of 2×2.

3. Rice cooker made of stainless steel. Remember if its non-stick the chemical of the surface will get mixed to the oil. Therefore only use a stainless steel one.

4. Electric cooling fan, extension rod.

5. Coffee Filters.

6. Plastic funnels.

7. Large Syringes.

8. Measuring cup made of stainless steel.

9. Empty plastic bottles.

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Step by Step Procedure:

1. Place the medical cannabis in the steel pot or the food-grade plastic bucket. Now, dampen the weed you have taken with isopropyl alcohol that will work as your solvent. Now crush the mixture with a huge wooden spoon. This should be done for about 5 minutes.

2. Keep adding the alcohol toll the plant matter gets immersed completely. Now repeat the process of crushing and stirring. This action is called ‘Wash’. It is because that you are washing the trichomes that come from the plant matter.

3. Now block the mouth of pat with a lid and then slowly pour the solvent in the second bucket. Make sure that most of the plant matter does remain in the first bucket before you go ahead with the next step. It’s also completely fine if some of it goes through. All of this will be strained later. But you do want maximum cannabis matter left in the first one as well so that second round for washing can be done.

4. Now pour the chilled alcohol again the first bucket. Crush the medical cannabis with the wooden spoon for 5 minutes. This step is known as the second wash.

5.Now block the mouth of the bucket again and four the solvent on the second bucket. Most of the medicinal resin should be dissolved by the second round itself. There shouldn’t be a need for repeating the step a third time.

In case you do want to go with the third washing, make sure that this solvent is kept separate. It can be used for topical application. The first two solvents can be used for ingestion.

6. Now leave the solvent to sit. You can recycle the plant matter that is left for compost. Once it gets converted into super soil, it can be used for growing organic cannabis.

7. Rinse the first bucket out.

8. Now place a coffee filter in the plastic funnel. Then insert this funnel through the small plastic bottle. The straining container size will be depending on the solvent that was used in the first step. One can also make use of the second bucket with the coffee filter for straining any excess of the plant matter. Now filter the solvent several times for removing all of the plant matter.


This is the point where the solvent obtained should be of yellow color. This color is from the healing resin that is dissolved with alcohol. The color and the smell is also influenced by terpenes that come from the cannabis plant.

You also need to understand that terpenes are mainly the pungent oil, that will be creating the district taste and smell of several pot strains. The flavors can be ranging from fruity and sweet to earthy and all in between.

9. Now set the rice cooker with electric fan around. This is for making sure that the area is well ventilated.


Be cautious as you are working with alcohol here. Alcohol flames are toxic for inhaling and highly flammable. Set the fan so that the air is circulating towards vents at the rice cooker base.

10. Now fill the rice cooker with marijuana solvent. The amount should be about 3 quarters. Make sure you are not filling it t the top as it can boil over.

11. Now set the rice cooker on the highest setting. This will start the boiling of the alcohol solvent. Make sure that the fan is running and is aiming towards the rice cooker so that there is no condensation of alcohol fumes or an explosion.

12. As the liquid levels start to drops, you can keep adding the solvent mixture. Now, this depends on the solvent produced during the first step. So if this was less, you might not have the need to add any more. 

13. Now as you complete adding remaining solvent, and level of the cooker is reduced to around 2 inches, you can add 12 drops of water to it. Then mix. The water is going to help the leftover solvent to boil off. And this will be cleansing the oil from solvent residue.

14. Swirl the contents, so that the last traces of the alcohol gets boiled off completely.

15. As you reach the final stages, you are going to notice a few things:

  • There will be a cracking sound from the leftover oil.
  • The oil starts to bubble.
  • Steam will be escaping from oil. This can look like smoke. But don’t stress this is just dark steam.
  • The separation process is almost done when this happens.

16. Now, wait or the rice cooker to slowly turn off. Let the fresh oil mixture cool for 5 minutes.

17. Pour this mixture to the stainless steel measuring cup. Now place the cup on the coffee warmer. This will remove any water content if there is any left. This step can take just a few minutes to even an hour or more. This depends completely on the flavanoids and terpenes that are present in the cannabis strain that you used.

18. Now set aside the measuring cup and let it cool down completely.

19. After the oil is cooled you can draw this mixture in large syringes that are needleless. If you are facing difficulty in squeezing out the mixture once it’s cooled you can place it in warm water.

20. If not using right away, you can also store the oil in dark clean glass bottles. Store it in a cool place. This will assure that medical potency is maintained for a long time.

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Final Words

So there it is! The complete guide on how you can make cannabis oil at home. If you have any doubts or questions, make sure that you write to us. We are more than happy to check from a reputable source and offer you expert advice.


  • 3rd party lab tested
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