Can Edibles Damage the Liver?

Can Edibles Damage the Liver?

Cannabis edibles are gaining popularity than ever before. But can edibles damage the liver? Well, we all know that there are cannabis effects that a person can experience for a long time. Although, those effects do come with some drawbacks and some of the objections that people have include:

  1. Can edibles damage the liver?
  2. Why is there inconsistency in edibles?
  3. Can edibles cause health or digestive issues?
  4. Why don’t the edibles affect me?

These are some of the problems that people face with edibles. But there is an explanation behind all of this. It will make you understand better the way edibles work and why this is not the best method for consumption. In short, Edibles are not for everyone. But with some information cannabis consumers can weigh the pros and cons of this specific product. This will allow you to make a better decision on how does one experiment with edibles.

Here are some of the major questions including can edibles damage the liver right here for you!

Can edibles damage the liver?

There are several questions that you will notice while you scroll through any of the cannabis forums. Some of them are interesting to read but others can be scary. While most people do know that there are no lethal side effects that can be caused by cannabis. There can be still some uncomfortable effects that are mainly associated with edibles. This fact can lead people to gain more information on the health risks that are involved with marijuana use.

There can be accidental overconsumption due to THC.

This can lead to nausea or other symptoms. You might experience some digestive issues that are a response to edibles. However, this side effect can be compared to lactose intolerance. There are people that are more sensitive towards cannabis than others. But this might not be the case for all of the consumers. There is still a need for more research in this area, but early studies say that some people can be allergic to it as well. In such cases, it will surely cause some discomfort. But an allergic reaction can be caused due to almost anything, it all depends on the individual.

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For a good cannabis experience, you should be taking some precautions.

For instance, don’t try edibles empty stomach, for the first time. This can lead to stomach aches and gas. Also, it can increase the likelihood of heartburn as well. So have a snack just before or with the edible for effectively metabolizing of cannabis in the liver.

It is also a great idea to be well hydrated for ensuring that you are avoiding any kind of negative side effects. This can be lightheadedness, constipation, stomach upset, and others. So make sure you have plenty of water with you before you experiment with any cannabis products. IF there are still some of the negative symptoms, you can try to isolate edibles that don’t have any plant matter. And in case you still are experiencing this effect, you might be allergic to cannabis and should minimize the usage.

Cannabis edibles with high THC content also have a temporary impact on our heart rate.

The main reason being that this is a vasodilator, this means it increases your blood flow. This in turn increases the heart rate. In some of the cases, mostly with high THC consumptions, the heart rate can go to dangerously high levels. However, until now there is not one case reported for heart failure, prolonged arrhythmia, or heart diseases that are caused due to cannabis edibles. Any of the other impacts on the heart is not dangerous for a healthy individual. 

So if you start feeling that cannabis edibles are causing the heart to race, slow down or pause this consumption. Have a lot of water and sit quietly in a place for making sure that you regain control over slowing down the heart rate. Awareness and mindfulness that these symptoms are just temporary and won’t cause any health issues will make the situations better.

But can edibles damage the liver?

Lastly, we come to the question that is creating a lot of buzz around the cannabis edibles. Specifically, we are talking here about the CBD edibles. Well, in one of the recent studies done in the year 2019 it was found that some of the mice that were exposed to CBD had some liver damage. Now, this was shown In the media and took CBD to a darker side.

But something that wasn’t mentioned here was that the experiment revolved around dangerously high levels of CBD. This is far beyond the dose that an individual will ever consume.

If you are going for the standard CBD edible dosage, there will not be any negative effects. Another study had shown that cannabinoids can also help in protecting the liver from cellular damage and prevent liver diseases.

Again, there is a need for more research in the field. But as of now, there is not much credible research that indicates that medical or recreational use of cannabinoids can cause damage to the liver. So liver damage or acute health risk is unlikely when we consider taking CBD edibles.

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Why is there inconsistency in edibles?

Undoubtedly, this remains one of the biggest issues amongst people that find when they purchase edibles. The reason being people often choose to buy the product through the black market. You won’t find inconsistency in CBD edibles that you by from a reputed brand.  

Before there was a rise in the lab tests in the CBD industry, there was a difficulty in finding if there is an accurate dosage of CBD in a certain product. And hence two doses from a specific edible could be offering completely different results. Also for the consumer, there was no information on the infusion type and material that made the prediction of effects impossible.

Thankfully, now the renowned brands in the legal state market are addressing such issues well. The third-party lab tests are one of the best advancements made in the direction. Therefore you will be aware of the exact dosage in each of the edible. And you can also read the details on the product label. Don’t purchase an edible where the brand website doesn’t offer the third party lab results. This is something to be wary of.

Some of the companies also are adding another step in the manufacturing process so that there are repeatable CBD experiences from the edibles. This is by making use of the uniform initial material and this attains consistency in every step.

What are CBD brands doing about this?

Apart from the above-mentioned steps, there are several measures being taken that offer product consistency. The companies are now using infusions that are strain-specific. This also lets the customer know the kind of effect they will experience from the edible just by learning about the strain itself. Also, several edible makers are paying attention to the Entourage Effect on the cannabis experience. And they make the formulations with this phenomenon in mind.

In case you don’t know what Entourage effect is, then the main principle is using a matrix of all of the compounds in the plant that interacts in a manner that maximizes the results. Companies also add more terpenes for keeping control of the nuance effect that one experiences.

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Why are Edibles expensive?

This is one of the most common questions that people have in mind. Mainly because one has to keep purchasing it again and cost can be a huge factor. The main reason why edibles are expensive is that they are made specifically from cannabis flowers. Also, there are many other factors that explain the high cost of edibles.

Another reason behind the high cost for edibles is the processing expense that goes behind. This includes right from the cannabis material and then the ingredients that its infused in. Then there is packaging, and sale process. Each of these steps includes several additional costs as there is expenditure on pieces of equipment used and employee costs.

For instance, in case the edible company has to infuse the oil with cannabis flowers, the company needs to have infused ingredient batches with lab tests done for potency. This needs to be done before they go ahead with the processing itself. The lab tests are done for additional reliability of the customer on the edible. This significantly adds up to the final cost.

Also, to make edibles of high quality a company invests so much on research and development. They also source the best ingredients available for the perfect formulations. All of this is done to provide the customer with the best CBD experience.

Can Edibles Damage the Liver? Final Thoughts:

So if you are using a high-quality CDB edible that comes from a good brand, there will be no damage caused. Of course, we shall all know better as more studies come forward. Just like any other method of cannabis consumption, there are pros and cons to this as well. It is necessary that you figure out your individual need for cannabis edibles first. Then you can do your research for finding the product that will work perfectly for you.