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Pros and Cons of Hemp Oil

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Today, we shall shed some light on the Pros and Cons of Hemp Oil. But before that its important to know have information about CBD as well. As hemp and cannabis are being researched extensively now, people are realizing their therapeutic benefits as well. But there is a lot of confusion that sticks around it as well. Today we shall clear up all of the doubts that you might have had regarding the Hemp oil.

Pros and Cons of Hemp Oil: What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil has been referred to as the full spectrum oil that comes from the cannabis plant. Now, Hemp seed oil is the oil that is extracted from the seed only. There is a negligible risk that comes from hemp oil and its especially true for hemp strains that are food grade. Some of the studies said that food grains strain has less the 0.3 percent of THC in it. THC is the component that offers to be high. 

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What is the difference between CBD and Hemp oil?

Hemp oil cannot be said to be the same as CBD oil. The CBD oil production uses leaves, flowers, and stalks of the hemp plant. This has a better concentration of CBD in it. Again CBD is also a beneficial compound that comes from the plant.

Now Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. The seeds don’t have the same level of the compound as the plant. But they are also rich in fatty acids, nutrients, and many bioactive compounds.

The full-spectrum hemp oil also has the plant matter and can have some added compounds. This can help with some health issues like inflammation.

Pros and Cons of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has been known for many of the health advantages that we shall discuss in detail right here:


1. Skin Health

The oil that comes from the hemp seed is rich in nutrition and can be great for the skin. Some fatty acids and vitamins can help the skin in a healthy state and prevent any breakouts. One of the studies that were done in 2014 had shown that the lipid profile of the hemp seed oil was rich in fatty acids and healthful oils. The high fatty acid can make this oil an excellent choice for nourishing the skin. It also protects the skin from oxidation, inflammation, and some of the other aging causes. One of the authors of the review in 2014 has noted that hemp seed oil topical application can make the skin stronger and it’s able to resist skin infections. They also suggested that hempseed oil can be of benefit  for many other skin issues like:

  1. Eczema
  2. Dermatitis
  3. Psoriasis
  4. Varicose Eczema
  5. Lichen Planus
  6. Acne Rosacea.

The benefits are mainly because of the good quality fays and other compounds in the oil that are immensely helpful.

2. Brain Health

The fatty acids present in the hemp seed oil can also be great for brain health. This is because our brain needs a lot of healthy fats for operating properly. The hemp seed oil also has other compounds that are able to protect the brain. One of the studies that were done on mice has shown that it can protect your brain against any inflammation. This is because there are polyphenols in hemp seed oil that can have a huge role in this. Although some of the initial results also seem promising, there is more research needed on humans for confirming all of the benefits of hemp seed oil.

3. Heart Health:

The all-inclusive nutrient profile that comes from hemp seed oil also means that it can be great for the heart as well. However, a lot of information that is presently available is from some of the older studies done and makes use of animal models. Another study highlights the nutrition profile of hemp seed and also shares the positive effect on varied health issues like cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis. One of the reviews in 2014 had concluded that it can increase alpha-linolenic acids. This as a result can reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease. The fatty acid is also present in flaxseed oil and fish oils. However, there is a need for deeper research. 

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How to use Hemp oil?

As per the reason for which you have been using hemp oil, the method of hemp oil consumption will depend on it.

1. Hemp oil Topical use:

You can directly apply hemp oil to the skin. This might work well in case you have dry skin patches or irritation that one wants to soothe fast. Always make sure that you are doing a patch test before so that there is no skin allergy. If you find it safe go ahead and use it topically. One can use it for treating acne. Just apply the oil and leave it for 5 minutes. Then wash with warm water.

2. Use hemp oil through ingesting:

Now, this is the second way by which hemp oil can work great for you. There can be some benefits and you can use it topically. But make sure you are talking to your doctor before you go ahead with taking hemp oil orally. One can take 1 teaspoon daily and this can also be initially divided into smaller doses.

In case the taste of consuming hemp oil is not great, one can add it to different recipes. You have the option to add it as salad dressing, in smoothies or soup. You can also use it for cooking.

Benefits of Full-spectrum Hemp Oil

Now the full spectrum Hemp oil also has plant matter, with added compounds such as CBD.  Although hemp seed oil can have these compounds in a small amount, The higher concentration can also offer some added benefits.

1. Works As Natural Pain Relief:

The person can make use of hemp oil for getting relief from pain caused due to inflammation.  A lot of people also use CBD or hemp oil as a natural treatment for pain relief. This is especially true if the pain is caused because of inflammation. People that don’t want to go for the prescription medicine, can certainly go for the high-quality oil for relief. 

One of the 2018 reviews had also stated CBD as one of the full spectrum hemp oil for a different kind of pain. Most of the research done until now is on mice.  For more credibility, human trials need to be done. 

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2. Muscle Tension:

The full-spectrum CBD oil can assist with any muscle tension that you have. Just like fatty acids it also has anti-inflammatory effects on the body. This can help people by relieving muscle tension and stress that needs recovery. Rubbing a little hemp seed oil on the tight muscles can offer relaxation and releases tension.

3. Stress Management:

Hemp oil has been known to affect the activity of the limbic part of the human brain. This is mainly responsible for the fight or flight response. One of the studies done in 2011 had shown that hemp oil can calm the public speaking stress when compared with placebo.

4. Cognitive Health:

Another study that was done in 2014 in mice had also shown the CBD oil can prevent the development of the social recognition deficit. This is one of the common occurrences that can be linked to a decline that is related to age. More human research is needed for better findings in this matter.

5. Epilepsy:

CBD that is present in hemp oil has been used in patients suffering from epilepsy for decades. There is a prescription medicine that was approved by the FDA recently for seizure treatment for 2 rare kinds of epilepsy.


There are not many hemp oil cons as it is considered safe for the most part. Very few people can experience some small side effects like:

1. Stomach upset:

This is one of the common side effects. This can be resulting in the fatty, oily nature that the oil has. For preventing this one can begin with the lowest amount. Let the body get used to it and slowly increase It with time.

2. Medicine Interactions:

Hemp seed oil might interact with the blood-thinning medication. Therefore before you include it in the regular regimen, consult your doctor first.

The Criteria for purchasing Hemp Oil:

There are some key points that you should keep in mind, while you go ahead with your purchase.

  1. The hemp plant has to be grown organically for minimizing the exposure to insecticides and pesticides.
  2. The hemp oil must be extracted with the use of ethanol, CO2, or olive oil. You also should avoid the ones that are taken out through hexane or butane extraction methods. Also, make sure that you are storing it in a dark bottle and cool place.
  3. You can always ask for a third party certificate. This lab result will give you information on hemp oil chemical composition and if there are toxic substances present. 

Hemp seed oil is safe for almost all and doesn’t have psychoactive effects. When used topically, there can be some irritation, so its better that you do a patch test first. 

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Pros and Cons of Hemp Oil: Final Thoughts

The hemp oil research is something that needs more focus. There are still laws in some states that have restricted the use of hemp oil. As there are several areas where CBD is being made use of now, there is potential for expanding the hemp oil benefit studies. We might slowly be able to observe the benefits and the initial results do look promising.

There is a small risk that THC can get in the system through hemp seeds as well. The THC can get in through the contamination with the other plant residue. Therefore it’s best that you only purchase a product from a well-known brand offering high-quality hemp oil. This will make sure that there are only Pros when it comes to you using hemp oil. If you have any questions regarding hemp oil, feel free to comment down below.