How Many CBD Edibles Can I Eat?

How Many CBD Edibles Can I Eat?

Once you decide to add CBD to your routine diet and choose CBD edibles, the next vital thing to know is how many CBD edibles you should eat. Most CBD first-timers ask this question because CBD companies don’t write the dosage on the package. 

There is no definite CBD dosage for everyone. To help you understand that better, we have compiled some information about the types of CBD edibles, factors that determine the dosage of the compound, and its side effects. 

Without further delay, let’s dive straight into it. 

What are CBD Edibles?

To begin with, you first need to know what CBD is. CBD is the acronym for Cannabidiol, a by-product of the cannabis and hemp plant. CBD has many benefits like treating pain and inflammation, anxiety and depression, and reducing insomnia. 

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CBD occurs in many forms, including oils, edibles, and vapes. All edibles are ingestible, and the same applies to CBD edibles. You can get them in beverages like coffee and tea, energy drinks, or cookies. Other common forms are gummies and dried fruits. 

Like the CBD gummies in Canada, most of these edibles are delicious snacks and candies that you will not feel the hemp aftertaste in your mouth when you take them. The gummies are available in forms like gummy bears, worms, and watermelon slices. 

People prefer to take CBD edibles because this is an easy way to take the compound. They also do not cause harm to other parts of the body, like vaping harms the lungs and could cause coughing. Edibles will also give you the benefits other CBD products offer. 

How to Determine the Correct Dosage?

As stated earlier, CBD companies don’t write the dosage for CBD edibles on packages because there is no definite dose for everyone. That is because some factors determine how many CBD edibles you will eat, including;

  • Bodyweight
  • Body chemistry
  • The potency of the CBD edible
  • Condition of the symptoms you are treating

Below is an in-depth explanation of these factors to help you understand and determine the correct dosage.

  • Body Weight

One factor doctors will consider when giving you a CBD dose is your weight because it can dictate how many gummy bears and watermelon slices you can take.

The people who need little alcohol to get drunk are also known as ‘lightweight,’ which applies to other healthy compounds like CBD. Doctors consider weight when giving dosage because it tells how slowly or fast your body processes compounds. 

For people weighing under 130 pounds, the correct amount of CBD to take is 11mg. On the other hand, people weighing 130-230 pounds should take 18mg, while the rest can take 23mg. However, it is always advisable to start with low doses and gradually increase until you get an amount that works for you. 

  • Body Chemistry

Everybody is different because of their varying body compositions. This difference in chemical composition is also a big reason other products will react differently with different people. 

For example, your body might respond positively to a particular product, yet the exact product could cause rashes on another person. Due to the different body chemistries, doctors give different doses to people depending on how responsive their bodies are. 

Some people using CBD edibles might notice effects with the first dosage, while others will see results after three weeks. That is because CBD edibles affect your system depending on how many endocannabinoids your body has or lacks. 

Some people experience adverse reactions to edibles like gummies and coffee or dried fruits. If this happens, you can stop and seek medical advice. Also, start taking the product in small doses. You can increase the amount until you get one that works well. 

  • The Potency of CBD Edible

In addition to body chemistry and weight, you should also consider the potency of CBD edibles. If the doctor’s prescription says that you should take 11mg of CBD because your bodyweight lies below 130 pounds, first check the potency of CBD per gummy. 

You might find out that you should take one, two, or three gummies, depending on the amount of CBD in each. The potency also varies with different brands, so you should read the product labels. 

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  • Condition You Are Treating

The reason you are taking CBD is also a significant factor to consider when determining the dosage. That is because different symptoms might need low amounts of CBD and others high amounts. 

For example, if you plan to treat anxiety, you need 15mg-30mg of the edibles to ease the symptoms. However, that is different with those suffering from pain. If you feel too much pain, you might need to take up to 50mg of the compound. 

Do not forget to check how much CBD is in every edible to determine your dose. 

So, How Many Edibles Should I Take?

Once you know your weight, you can tell the amount of CBD edibles to take. Typically, most people will take between 1-5 gummies in a day, depending on the above factors. 

The best way to determine the correct CBD dosage is to seek medical advice. The physician will perform a few tests to understand your body conditions and what it needs. 

Side Effects of CBD Edibles

Just like the tinctures and vapes, CBD edibles also have side effects. The side effects might differ because of the different body chemistry, so do not expect to experience what your friend felt after taking a particular amount of CBD. 

Some people will complain of appetite fluctuation, dizziness, irritation, diarrhea, and vomiting. Your side effects could be very mild, unlike other people. However, if the symptoms are extreme and devastating, seek medical help. 

You should know the correct dosage of CBD gummies and coffee that your body needs. With the proper dosage of CBD edibles, you won’t overdose. That is because you can easily forget that CBD candies affect your body and eat many of them.

Final Words

CBD edibles have similar effects as other CBD compounds. The advantage of taking them is that you enjoy the health benefits of CBD within a delicious candy. However, these are not ordinary candies, and you should be careful not to overdose.