Wax pen vs Dab pen: What are the similarities & differences?

wax pen vs dab pen

Many people have started completely immersing themself in vaping world. However, they need to be aware of the various technology and terminology used to define the various vaping methods. Some people don’t have an ample amount of knowledge about the different vaporisers, although they smoke all the time, that’s all forsake of time pass. So let’s see what all vaporisers are there and which is best for vapers. 

Types of Vaping devices

There are only three main vaping devices: vape pen, dab pen and wax pen. Although the function of all of them is quite similar, they still differ in many ways. All of the products which were mentioned above are in the same category, which is a vaporisers and vaping. These devices have gained huge popularity because of their easy utilisation and because they are less harmful than traditional smoking. However, they do contain nicotine salt in them. The vaping pens have inconspicuous designs, which makes people enjoy them more with the benefits offered by THC. 

However, with time the options for vaping increased. There are so many flavours and concentrate available from which people can choose. But the main vaping devices are dab pens and wax pens. A few properties and features make them distinct from each other. With the increasing popularity of vaping, wax and dab pens are the most popular items in the market. You can purchase them from any physical retail store or online. The best part about all vaping devices is that they give the same feeling and taste as real-time cigarette smoking. However, nicotine concentration is either Low or moderate, making them safer. So let’s understand the two more clearly!


What exactly are wax pens?

The batteries in the wax pen are very similar in character to the vape pen. But they have a stronger battery life, making them bulkier, and they may run for a very long time. However, the wax pen consists of attachable concentrate and atomiser, which are utilised for the vaporisation of concentration per users’ choice. The wax pen utilises higher temperatures than the other vaping devices. It usually works from 300 to 700°F. This allows the users to select the specific concentrate from the many options available. 

Consumers who choose the wax pen usually select dense concentrations, such as shatter, wax and live resin. Since the user must carefully clean the cartridge, wax pens necessitate more care than other vaping devices, including the dab and vape pen. It’s essential to replace the atomiser every time and the chamber from which the wax comes. However, the potency and probability of the wax pen are good for concentrate users. If we compare the strength, then the strength of the wax pen and the dab pen is similar. Therefore, sometimes people can mistake it for a dab pen. 

Why use the wax pen?

There is a very big reason why people rely more on wax pens. In the dab pen, the concentrate present is used with the help of a bong or rig. However, with the help of a wax pen, the vaper can fully utilise the potent extraction of the concentrate. There is no requirement for the bong. People can enjoy their favourite concentrate with the help of portable pens. The wax pen is known for being natural and easier to utilise than other vaping pens. Here are some of the major properties of wax pens:

  • Compact in size
  • Practically scentless 
  • Versatile in terms of usage
  • It can be used with a different concentrate
  • Replaceable parts
  • Highly potent
  • Rechargeable

How does the wax pen work?

It is easy to utilise the wax vape, similar to the other vaping pens. There are a few steps which you can follow to inhale the vaporising wax. First, check for the coil to see if it is working fine or not. Now put the wax carefully into the chamber. Once you’re done with it, if the vaping device selects it, that means the wax can support the vaping device, then choose the particular temperature. The temperature should be set to fit with the wax present and loaded in the chamber. Now choose the option of the fire button, their you go. Now you can enjoy your favourite concentrate by inhaling them. 

Pros of Wax Pens

The wax pen is considered the most popular device in terms of vaping as they provide a much better feeling so that you can enjoy the hits. The hits are produced in high potency. You can also add your favourite substance or concentrate. Below are the main advantages of choosing the wax pen. 

  • Small in size
  • They does-not produce any fragrance
  • Its easier to recharge them
  • High level of potency
  • Replaceable parts are also provided easily
  • Its easier to add the concentrate at the fine-tuned level of temperature

Cons of Wax Pens

Although the wax pen provides many benefits, however, there are still some limitations to it, which include the following:

  • They are quite expensive than the other devices
  • They required high maintenance and more upkeep
  • These are not discreet. 

Who should choose the wax pen?

People who want to enhance their vaping Skills can use it. It is good for beginners. The best part is that it’s easier to control their temperature of them. Especially people who love to try different flavours can use it. Users will have more control over the feel, which requires ongoing maintenance.


What exactly are wax pens?

The dab pen is also regarded as the wax pen. These are effectively portable and smaller. However, the battery life is less cool than the other vaping devices. The basic constituent of dab pens includes a heating element, mouthpiece and battery. Moreover, they only require a little maintenance as compared to their alternatives. However, the dab pen is made specifically for concentrated use. In simple terms, they provide better performance. However, the other type of vaporisers only has a few options, including dry herbs. The nicotine concentration relies on the temperature, which is mainly kept high. The dab pen mainly uses conduction rather than direct heat from hot air. 

Various types of vaping devices are available in the market, which could be for anything, including dry herb, wax and oil. It’s easier to buy them as they are commonly found in retail stores. However, finding the difference between the various devices is quite difficult. Here is the basic composition of the dab pen and the elements involved in it. 

1. Uses the Vape Battery

It is quite straightforward to work; the main component is the battery. Regardless of what type of vaporiser you’re using, all of them will have a battery.

2. Equipped with the Wax Coil

The wax coil is quite specific. When heated, this releases the vapours from the concentrate you have chosen. However, please choose the vaping device with a longer coil so it can run longer. Wax can be placed on the top of the coil, so once it starts heating the wax on its surface, it will start producing the vapours. 

3. Design to vaporise the wax concentrate

The dab pen is designed to keep in mind the wax concentrate. Most kits are designed specifically for the concentrate. This might help if you don’t know the difference between a cartridge and a vape coil. Some vaping devices include an attachment of a vape coil, which could be utilised to modify vaping pen and convert it to a wax pen. One important thing you should remember is that the components should properly handle the wax concentrate. 

How does the dab pen work?

As compared to wax pens, these can be utilised easily. However, all the dab pens differ from each other somehow. It’s important to understand certain instructions. Here is the procedure which you can follow to use the dab pen: 

  • If the dab pen requires power, hit it 4 to 5 times so the power button will start working. It’s important to ensure the coil works finely by looking at the power option. This is done so that you don’t waste your precious concentration. 
  • Remove the dab pen from the mouthpiece so the heating chamber will be exposed or visible.
  • Now open up the chamber. You will find the coil on which you can place the wax.  

Pros of Dab Pens

These are less potent than the others. But they do have some amazing benefits associated with the wax pens:

  • They offer more control
  • They provide hotter vapes than the other vaping pens
  • You can enjoy different concentrates even by adding in the bong.  

Cons of Dab Pens

Although the dab pens provide many benefits, however, there are still some limitations to it, which include:

  • These are quite expensive
  • Less discreet and better

Who should choose the wax pen?

These are not good for novices as they won’t be able to handle them properly. So only those people who are already experienced should use vaping devices. The main reason behind this is that it provides a strong hit which cannot be handled easily. Therefore, using the dab pen requires a great amount of tolerance. So it becomes highly important to handle it carefully. 

Key Differences

There are a few differences based on which the dab pen mainly differs from the wax pen. These includes: 

  • Effects

Although both of them are popular, they still produce different effects. Based on the potency level, the dab pen is more potent. They are quite intense and cannot be handled by everyone. Only professional smokers can use it. People who do not consume any kind of drug, such as cannabis, may start feeling dizzy. With the help of a Dab pen, the person can enjoy the effect of CBD or THC. The doctor also recommends these as they can reduce the severity of nausea and severe pain. 

  • Conduction and convection

Another major difference lies in heating the wax and dab pen. Vaping devices can use convective heat. At the same time, the dab pen uses the method of conduction. If the device uses convection heat, it will vaporise the flower oil or cannabis. 

  • Devices

The different devices are used in both the wax and dab pen. However, all of them are easy and convenient to be used. However, with the latest advancements, they look and work the same. The dab rigs are in the dab pens, which are not in the wax pen. The concentrate which is placed over the coils is different from each other. 

  • Temperature

They both function on different temperature ranges; for example, the dab works on a slightly higher temperature of about 315 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the wax pen works in a slightly lower temperature range of about 300 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from the temperature, the ingredients or concentrate inside the wax and dab pen are completely different. 

Which one is the safest option?

Choosing the ideal or smart option is difficult, especially when they are almost identical. However, based on safety and other factors, the best thing to choose is the dab pen. However, this is only good for professionals who smoke quite often. Nevertheless, both are almost the same based on design and function. You can choose both. For example, if you are a complete novice, you should choose the wax as it is not too thick in flavour; however, if you are experienced in smoking and have done it several times, you should use the dab pen. So at the end, it completely depends on your preference. 

Summing Up

There are three main vaping devices from which the two most popular ones are the wax and dab pen. Both look the same in appearance; however, the main difference lies in the use and composition of the concentrate used in the vaping device. You can buy vaping devices from any retail shop, which are also available online. So, we have provided all the details and which will be best suited for you so you can choose according to your preferences.