Does Vape Juice Expire?

Does Vape Juice Expire

Various advantages exist with the high demand and increasing popularity of vape liquids. Vaping is considered the healthier and safer option to smoking—the vape juices or present inside the vaping device. Various vaping devices are available, but the main ones are wax vape and dab vaping. Vape juices are also considered e-liquid. These are delicious, calorie-free, and come in multiple flavors. You can indulge in the vaping juices’ flavor in every single drop. However, some people need to be made aware of the fact that E-liquids come with expiration dates. 

Just like every packed food item has an expiry date similar to that, vape juices also have an expiration date. The expiration date indicates that you cannot use the product after the expiry date because its quality will deteriorate with time. All the packed foods have a certain shelf life. Similarly, vaping juices also have a certain shelf life. So it becomes really important to understand why does vape juice expire and how to use them even after exceeding the expiration date. So in this article, we will be looking at why does vape juice actually expire

What are vape juices?

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes can stimulate smoking but are not meant for burning tobacco. Instead, the e-cigarette works by heating the coil on which the liquid is present, converting it into an aerosol. The person then inhales the aerosol into their lungs. This process is known as vaping, which is done through e-cigarettes. The liquid is present inside the e-cigarette and is referred to as e-liquid. But it can also be called vape juice or e-juice. Now, most people need to learn that does vape juice ever expire. We will see the answer to this question later in the article.

The vape juice consists of nicotine. It contains other constituents, including glycerol, propylene glycol, and other chemicals. It also includes those which can be used to form flavors. In some cases, it also involves water. The ingredients present in the vape juice might not be the hair on the label. But you can still thoroughly check online. The products are not suitable for children. Some packets even contain the label “non-nicotine.” But it does not mean it does not have nicotine. Every single Vaping device is composed of nicotine. However, this is the best way if you have to quit smoke. 

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For how long do the vape juices last?

It’s not easier to tell how much vape juice will last inside a bottle. One single bottle can give you a lifetime vaping experience, but it is only limited to one year. Mainly the most important thing which is considered is the manufacturing date. But it’s true that with time, the degradation of vape juice happens. What does not mean that you will get a bad taste or be unable to use it? It indicates that the vaping juice will look completely different from your choice. 

The product makers must always mention the date of “best by” on the product. If you own a vape bottle with a label consisting of a date, you should remember it so that you can finish it before the end date. But if it does not contain the date’s label, you should remember when you purchased it. It will give you an idea about the expiry date. So you can either remember it or write it on the packet or the bottle. It’s better to understand here that can vape liquid expire.

When we state that vaping bottles would provide top vaping value for approximately one year, we suggest that the bottle is prepared using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. The products are made under real factory-grade hygienic conditions. These comprise the majority of vaping juices or e-liquids. They use only the cleanest components and are produced in spotlessly clean circumstances.

How long does the open vaping juice sustain?

The expiration date, which is present on the bottle, represents when the product expires. However, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol can last up to 1 to 2 years. The reason for the expiry of the vaping liquid is that the nicotine inside the bottle gets oxidized, which later deteriorates the flavoring of the nicotine. The process of aging is different in every vaping liquid. The older vaping liquids generally have weak flavor and less nicotine. 

There are different types of vaping liquids or e-liquid available. But they have different expiry dates and shelf life. This is because the products are manufactured in different environmental and factory conditions. The two basic e-liquids include: 

  • Small batch vape liquid: It is made by the local vaping shop. But it has a different amount of sanitation. This is because the product is made under different factory conditions. 
  • E-liquid containing different botanical extracts: It involves different flavor, which comes from different extracts, mainly tobacco. It contains minute particles that can get oxidized rapidly.

Most of the vaping liquids made under industry conditions use different types of artificial and concentrated natural flavors. It does not contain botanical extracts. Therefore, we cannot characterize vaping juices based on the expiry date. 

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What will happen if the vape juice becomes bad? 

Another thing that always comes to the mind of vapers is that do vape juice go bad. If you do not use the vaping juice till it reaches its expiry date, then various changes may occur, including:

  • Separation: Vape juice consist of different substances and components. However, with time the ingredients start to separate based on different factors. Some separation may appear normal so that you can shake them, and they will return to their normal state. But if the vape liquid becomes too old, even if you shake them, it will not return to its normal state.  There can be the crystallization of the constituent of vaping juice which will appear as debris that cannot be dissolved even if you heat them. At this stage, it’s risky to vape the juice. 
  • Color Changes: When the vaping juice is left for a long time, it becomes darker. Especially the juices which contain nicotine. However, this is a very normal reaction that occurs quite often due to the phenomena of oxidization. In oxidation, the vaping juice reacts with the free oxygen changing its state. This is because it becomes darker, eventually deteriorating the vaping liquid’s quality. The colors look yellow and brownish. 
  • Taste and sweet: When the bottle first comes, they look fresh, and the vaping tastes good. However, with time the flavor starts degrading. This will eventually result in changes in taste.  
  • Thickness: Generally, with time, the composition of the vaping liquid changes. It will start looking quite thick. They will start tasting very bad. This will be very unpleasant, and it will change over time. 
  • Nicotine content: The nicotine cannot remain fresh all the time. It starts degrading with time. The amount decreases with time, and it will start tasting very bad. It will not be able to satisfy your craving for nicotine. 

Why is it important to understand about vaping juice expiry date?

It’s quite essential to know the expiry date of your vape juice. This will give you a clear idea about how much quantity you should buy while purchasing the e-liquid and does vape liquid expire. Some people may take it in bulk. For example, if a company sells vaping liquid, the vapers who love it will buy it in bulk. However, if they cannot finish it, it will expire within its time. This will lead to so much waste of a liquid. Some companies even provide e-liquid for major sales even if the manufacturer wants to change the product ingredients and packaging. 

So if you are interested in making your e-liquid, it becomes important to understand the true meaning of a vape juice expiry date. So you should order the ingredients in bulk. Suppose you have plenty of space to store a large volume of liquids. But remember, once you make the product add the expiry date and the manufacturing date. Even with just one bottle down, you need to understand and look after the expiry date. 

What is the difference between nicotine salt and freebase vape juices based on expiration?

Even if you purchase the e-juice from a big or famous company, it will expire after some time. There are various factors involved in the process of expiry of vape juices. They start with nicotine salt, which usually degrades more slowly than the other nicotine. This is because nicotine is a salt and the others are mainly bases. However, vaping juices which do not contain nicotine cannot be degraded easily. The flavor is a very important component that plays a major role in knowing the expiry date. Some of the flavors might get degraded more easily than others. Floral and fruit juices lose their flavor and potency quite easily. They can be used for custard and dough formation.

What will occur if expires vape juice is consumed?

Various changes can happen in vape juice once it is considered an expired product. The most common change is in the fluidity of the product. However, no product will remain good even after a very long time. There is no clear evidence that if you consume the expired product, then it will not create health-related problems for you. There are very few cases where it is seen that it can lead to health-related problems. However, they could be clearer and more serious.  

Moreover, after the product expires, its taste changes if you don’t like it. Even if you try vaping juice after the expiry date, it won’t affect your health much. But the actual Quality of the vaping juices expires due to the chemical degradation of flavor and nicotine. 

How should you store the vape juice?

There are a few things that you can follow so that your vaping juice will remain fresh for a longer period. The vaping juices should be stored in dark and cool places. You can keep them in drawers and cabinets in your house. Keep it somewhere the children cannot come because nicotine consumption can affect the health of pets or children. It would be best if you did not keep them outside for longer, such as in warm or humid environments or on window sills. Never store it in cold places like a fridge. The product will remain fresh for longer if all these precautions are taken. 

Does the vape juice expire?

The most common question which comes into every vaper’s mind is, does vape juice expire? Well, the answer is an absolute yes. Every single item you buy from the market and consume has some expiry date. The date is printed on the bottle or the package. Whatever you are purchasing, you should check for the product’s label. It’s good that you should vape it before the actual expiration date gets over. However, it can last for even two months after the expiration date. The way you keep the vaping juices will affect the quality and how they will degrade. If you place the bottle of e-liquid in dry, cool, and dark places, it will remain fresh for a long time. However, if you store them in damp, warm, and bright places, they may not remain fresh for a long time.

Summing Up

So in this article, we have solved the most common doubt that people have about vaping juices which is does vape juice spoil or expire and whether is it bad to use expired vape juice. Well, the answer we already know is yes, all the packed products have a shelf life, especially those obtained from animal or plant-based material or extract. So it becomes important to know about their shelf life. Because later, it can deteriorate the taste in your mouth. So it is better that you consume the product before it expires; apart from this, it’s important to understand that various components of the vape will also change, and it will look and taste bad after some time. But one thing to keep in mind is that smoking in any form is not good so try to avoid it.