What Are CBD Toothpicks and How can you Use Them?



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Have you heard of CBD Toothpicks before? Charles Foster, who is also sometimes known as ‘Father of the Toothpick’ had launched this operation that could be capable of producing thousands of toothpicks each day. And this was in the year 1870. And we can’t deny the fact that this is one of the excellent ways for cleaning the teeth while one is traveling. Toothpicks are also the best way for understanding that you don’t get embarrassed about that little spinach piece stuck in the teeth.

Although just imagine the situation where this becomes the handy device for added use. Well, you don’t have to stress anymore! We are here with all of the information on CBD toothpicks right here. This means that you will enjoy having cleaner teeth with the CBD infusion as well.

Explaining CBD Toothpicks

You can see CBD toothpicks as the traditional toothpick that has been coated with CBD oil. When you have the habit of sucking on the toothpicks, then it can be a wise usage tool and then can take complete advantage of it.

As per the brand, one can also make use of the toothpicks for around 45 minutes and get all of the potential benefits of using CBD oil. One of the best CBD toothpicks is infused with spilanthes that is an herb that has been known for salvia production as well.  This means that the more saliva one produces the quicker CBD toothpicks are going to work.

CBD toothpicks have been known to work as these can be used sublingually. The cannabinoids will be entering the bloodstream instantly in this manner through the tissues and in your sublingual cavity.

Benefits of CBD Toothpicks

Using CBD toothpicks you can clean the teeth that have the rich blend of CBD. Although these are famous, CBD bottles are mostly difficult to take around with you. And CBD toothpicks on the other side are available in smaller packages and each one can have around 20 toothpicks.

Each of these consists of CBD amount from 10 to 25 mg. All that one needs to do is suck the toothpicks for the duration manufacturer has mentioned on the package. There are many possible benefits of CBD including the probable relief for:

  1. Anxiety disorders.
  2. Nausea and seizures.
  3. Inflammation in the body.

However, one must understand that CBD toothpicks might not be the best option for all ailments. For instance, some CBD users can need around 300 mg each day. Therefore when you are going for CBD toothpicks that have 25 mg CBD, then one will require dozens each day and that’s not practical.

However, these toothpicks can be a good option when one seeks a way for managing symptoms linked with anxiety, stress, and acute pain. Most of the charts we see suggest that about CBD of 27 mg will be good for a person that weighs from 150 to 250 pounds when they suffer from severe pains.

Therefore, these toothpicks can be the best way for individuals that have less serious health conditions.

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How Can You Use CBD Toothpick?

Using a CBD toothpick is very easy. Once you used the toothpick for cleaning teeth after the meal, you can start sucking it for around 15 minutes. One can also suck CBD toothpicks for the entire day when there is a need for instant CBD hit. We are recommending that you keep rotating these picks periodically for making sure you have all of the benefits and the absorption is great till the last CBD drop.

CBD Oil and CBD Toothpicks Comparison

Let’s assume that you are having the stronger variant of it, CBD oil can be the best way of getting cannabinoids in your system. Ideally, most manufacturers are just going to use CBD that comes from the process of CO2 extraction and industrial hemp for gathering cannabinoids.

The procedure needs hi-tech equipment and we recommend that you are avoiding any of the other brands that make use of solvents for extracting CBD.

In this situation, your final product can be having some harmful toxins. And on the other side with CO2 extraction that makes use of low temperature and high pressure it makes potent and pure oil.

For the most part, CBD toothpicks have a nice flavor and they have a good taste. These are also convenient when you are initiating your journey with CBD. One can easily carry these around, and nobody is going to pass that judgmental look while one is using it. On the contrary, when one is using a CBD bottle it tends to draw attention.

Also, there are times when CBD oil taste is not pleasant. When compared with the toothpicks that get flavored and also have this pleasant taste.

Where Can We Buy CBD Toothpicks?

For a product from such a niche, several brands have been selling it online There are CBD products made by CITC Premier that are cinnamon flavored. However, their concentration of CBD is slightly low but you can get them in a pack of 65.

Then another brand that you can try is Kush Creams that also sells the product. Then there are also Moon picks that seem to be specialized in these. The CBD toothpicks from them are made out of Birchwood from North America and have all of the natural flavors as well as ingredients.

You get 10 toothpicks in one pack and as per the flavor you select the CBD content can be from 15 to 25 mg. However, the CBD toothpick that we preferred has been made from PureKana. They call the product as Pure picks and these have 97% pure Phytocannabinoid oil that comes from the entire oil.

With the addition of terpenes and cannabinoids with CBD, it will mean that many advantages come with the entourage effect. This is a term that describes your cannabinoid phenomenon and makes sure it works well when compared with while it’s isolated.

PureKana CBD toothpick can have 10 pieces in one pack and each of these has CBD of 25 mg. These are loaded with spilanthes for better and efficient production of saliva greater absorption.

For best results, the company recommends you to use it for about 50 minutes.

Do CBD Toothpicks help in Preventing Gum Diseases?

Toothpicks are one of the evil and good things when we speak in the dentistry field. The little tools are made for cleaning out any food that might have got stick in between the gums and teeth and this is good.

However, in the wrong hands, the toothpicks can also break apart, wreak havoc, and cause some serious damage as well. Now you can get CBD toothpicks in the market and we shall get into detail on if it can also help in preventing gum diseases?

CBD Toothpicks for Oral Health:

Yes, CBD toothpicks can have support oral health. But make sure that you are getting in touch with your dentist before you are trying anything new from the market and get approval for the oral needs. Yes, you must be maintaining the flossing and brushing routines and also going for checkups two times a year for maintaining your oral health.

Top 5 CBD Toothpicks That You Can Try Now!

If you had been in search of CBD toothpicks that will be best for you we are here to help you out with that. These are slightly newer inventions and this is why one cannot find them being sold by all of the CBD brands. But surely, there is more variety available than what you might be assuming initially. Here are the brands that one has to focus on:


  • Pinnacle Hemp CBD Toothpicks
  • Moon Picks
  • PureKana
  • Ignite CBD
  • Kushly

Best Toothpick As Per CBD Quality

  1. There isn’t a lot of information on where the hemp from Kushly gets sourced from. However, one can say that the products have been made with organic ingredients and are free from any chemical fertilizers. These also claim the products are being reviewed by third-party labs.
  2. Then comes Ignite that sources all of the hemp from the United States and their entire product are free from solvents, heavy metals, pesticides. The brand again claims third-party lab testing.

Unfortunately, they haven’t provided the reports on the official website.

  1. On the third spot is Pure Kana that provides detailed information on third-party tests for each of the products, this also includes the ‘Pure picks’ on the official website. It is one of the brands that make use of CBD hemp of high quality that is harvested from Kentucky and this is also one of the indications for great quality.

Top CBD Concentration

All of these brands that we mentioned above provide CBD toothpicks that have a complete strength of about 250 mg and you get ten picks per pack. This also means that each of the toothpicks has CBD of 25 mg content. As all of them are selling toothpicks with CBD concentrations of the same strength, there isn’t any clear winner for this category. All of them are good.

The Pinnacle Hemp Toothpicks have been infused with 200mg of full-spectrum high-quality hemp. One container has 20picks and 10 mg per piece.


CBD Toothpicks with the Best Taste

All of the brands that are mentioned Kushly, Ignite and Pure Kana provide the products in varied flavors.

There are four different flavors offered by Kushly and these are called as:

  • Cinnamint,
  • Caramel Apple,
  • Tropical Mint
  • Strawberry Limeade

Then we speak of Ignite there are five flavor selections that you can try:

  • Menthol
  • Lemongrass
  • Cinnamint
  • Coffee
  • Passion Fruit

Next, we have Moon Picks

It is available in many flavors like:

  • Orange,
  • Caramel Apple,
  • Cinnamon Mint,

Finally, when we speak of PureKana, it wins the selection variety as they have been offering 9 flavors:

  • Cinnamint,
  • Strawberry Limeade,
  • Mountain Berry,
  • Caramel Apple,
  • Pink Lemonade,
  • Blue Raspberry,
  • Churro,
  • Tropical Mint,
  • Orange Buzz.

Understand here that the toothpick that best tastes are going to depend on the preference you have. But as PureKana is offering the most variety and hence the customer has more options that one can select from, we feel for specifically this category, it will be your best choice.

Best Material Quality

You can’t find so much of the information available on the net for the material that’s used when we speak of Kushly. They say that the products are made from the best sources of cannabinoids, antioxidants, and neuroprotectants, but they haven’t provided any added information.

Now with Ignite toothpicks, there is B12 and also CBD which is the best combination. It also has Spilanthes extract which is also called the natural plant for toothache and can be much beneficial. Then PureKana toothpicks have oil that’s Phytocannabinoid rich, non-GMO, and also has Spilanthes extracts, this is also the indication for best quality ingredients.

The brand also tries to follow organic protocols where possible. The main ingredients are claimed to be 99 percent pure and it contains zero solvents.

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Best Budget CBD Toothpick

Kushly is the brand that’s most expensive in this category as it costs $26 for one pack that has 10 CBD toothpicks. Then PureKana is presently selling the pack with 10 toothpicks for $20, and the real cost was $39.

Ignite can be called the cheapest here as you need to pay only $12 for one pack with 10. The real cost was $27.

Of course, understand that cheap products will not be your best choice. But while you are in search of something in the budget, then we can say that Ignite will be a great option.

Moon Picks contains pure CBD isolate and the brand is simple and easy for avoiding the THC when one enjoys the toothpick. Each of these toothpicks has CBD of 25 mg and can be used for 10 minutes for chewing. It will also allow you with dosing yourself gradually over many minutes and this makes calm and even release.

Final Thoughts

Manufacturers of CBD products have slowly become innovative. The CBD products are an example of one of the recent launches. The manufacturers are also finding the best ways of using CBD and each of the toothpicks that they provide is innovative and more unique than we had assumed.

There is no doubt that CBD toothpicks can be one of the best options when you have already been using toothpicks regularly. And require some health boost. You can choose any of the above-mentioned brands of toothpicks as per your requirements as all of them to provide high- quality products.


  • Wide variety of options
  • Affordable prices
  • Free products with orders over $15
  • Free Shipping on all orders over 5$ in the U.S.