How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

CBD stay in your system

CBD is the three-letter acronym for Cannabidiol. So if you have been wondering what it is and how long does CBD stays in your systemwe have the answers!This is the main component that has been gaining popularity for several health benefits. This is also the reason why people are adding it to their regular diet as a supplement. CBD can help give a peaceful sleep, lower anxiety, and even help with epilepsy. As it is non-psychoactive it does improve the health overall.

But people that have been using CBD for a long time also wonder how long does CBD stay in your system. For answering the question let us begin by taking a look at the way CBD processes in our body. And from here we can analyze the time it stays In the body.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

What is CBD?

Cannabis is a plant family that includes hemp and marijuana. These plants have unique cannabinoids in them. There are about 113 cannabinoids found and CBD remains one of them. Another compound called THC is also present that gives the feeling of being high. Then there are some others like CBN, CBG, CBC, etc. and all of these are found in these plants. Each of the cannabis strains can have a varied ratio of cannabinoids present. Most of the CBD in the US is from the hemp plant. It has lower THC amounts present. And for legally being called as hemp the THC levels need to be less than 0.3 percent. And though THC levels are low hemp is rich in CBD and that is what we need. 

Why CBD affects our body?

Till the 1900’s the effect of THC and CBD on the body remained a mystery. Then researchers identified the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. The system has its name from endo meaning within and cannabinoid as the chemical that bound are called cannabinoids. There are about 70 receptors and enzymes that interact with cannabinoids that we know of right now. Amongst this CB-1 bind well to THC and CB-2 binds with CBD. CB-2 are present in our bodies and can be of several purposes.

How does the body system process CBD?

So what happens inside our bodies when we take CBD? For understanding how long does CBD stay in your system, this will help in taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture.

When we use CBD the effect can be felt in 15 to 45 minutes. The exact time it takes for processing in the body can be dependent on many factors like the dosage you take and body composition one has. The method of CBD delivery matters as well. CBD vape enters the lungs and has a quicker effect. Then CBD capsules and oils are faster as well. But creams, edibles, and lotion might take a bit longer.

In some time, you will be noticing the feeling of being calm and relaxed. This will much like the feeling after a good massage or a class of peaceful yoga. Please remember that you won’t be feeling high as if you have smoked something with marijuana in it. One just feels relaxed, calm, and a mellow version of themselves.

And how long does this calming effect last? Well as we said that a lot of this information also results in the delivery system that we have. The vape effect can go away in about an hour. The feeling stays for a few hours when CBD oil or edible is taken. The effect of the patch can last to about 2 days. 

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Factors impacting body system:

How long does CBD stay in your system? Well it can stay in the body anywhere from 1 to 5 days. But then again, here one size fits all statement doesn’t work. You can’t even say the time you observe the effects and the duration for a specific person. There are some clues that you can go for that might help you in figuring out if the body removes CBD from your system at a fast or slow rate.

Some of these include:

1. Body Composition:

Now CBD is a fat-soluble compound. This means that it can get stored in the fat cells of the body. People that are leaner and have less body at will be able to metabolize CBD at a faster rate. If the body fat is lower than the muscle tissue CBD will be staying in the body cells for a bit longer. So you can also adjust the dosage accordingly.

2. The activity levels:

The way CBD will get metabolized in your body also depends on the physical activity. In case you work out regularly or are generally lot active throughout the day CBD will get out of your body faster. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle you can expect this process to be slightly slower.

3. The frequency of taking CBD:

When you consume CBD regularly, it will build up in the body system. Therefore it’s unlikely that it will clear out. Also the opposite becomes true in case you are having it just once and some days. This will probably leave the system sooner.

4. If you take CBD oil with food:

You can imagine taking CBD with food similar to that of taking alcohol with food. When you drink on an empty stomach you will feel instant results, but it will also get out of the system quickly. But when you take it with food or say a CBD edible the food takes them the effect will take time to be noticed and you will also have a slow metabolizing rate.

All in all there is not a perfect time duration answer for how long does CBD stays in your system. But you can have an idea at the time if it will take it longer or slower when one takes CBD regularly. The tips that we mentioned above will surely help you in understanding how CBD might be working in our body. This leads to clarity in the amount of CBD you should be taking for experiencing the specific results that you had been looking for.

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How long does CBD stay in your system: What about women that breastfeed?

Experts are still not aware of the potential effect of CBD on babies. What we do know is that CBD can reach the baby through the mother’s milk. So they can also get any of the other compounds mixed with CBD like THC. As CBD does stay in the body for days, we advise you to stay away from CBD, when you are breastfeeding. In case you do plan to breastfeed in the future you need to be away from CBD for at least 1 week before you go ahead as this is the recommendation by the FDA. 

How long does CBD stay in your system: The duration CBD oil effect lasts?

The method of consumption has a huge role in understanding the time it will take to feel the effect of CBD and the duration it is going to last.

1. CBD ingestion:

This is one of the most common methods by which CBD is consumed. CBD oil administration in the mouth directly is an easy way for reaping its therapeutic effects. Although this is not the method if you are looking for faster effects and there are several reasons for it. When you swallow CBD oil it prevents direct bloodstream entry. It has to travel through the digestive tract and then go in the liver. Here it gets broken down before it reaches the bloodstream.

What do the studies say?

Some of the studies also show that the CBD compound gets metabolized in the liver and through a process known as the first effect. The enzymes present in the liver reduce the CBD concentration before the remaining is sent to the bloodstream and have been circulated across the body. 

Oral CBD consumption is becoming popular as it offers ease of usage. But this is also an inefficient method when you compare this with the sublingual or inhalation process. The reason is that just 5% of the CBD that one swallow remains in the bloodstream. This means that the bioavailability remains low.

During Ingestion the effect of CBD can be observed from 1 to 2 hours when it sets in. You might be taking CBD oil or the edible, it has to go through the digestive process. This will reduce the CBD concentration into the bloodstream. 

2. Sublingual consumption of CBD:

This process Is considered to be a bit more effective than ingestion. One can consume CBD oil sublingually by placing few CBD oil drops under the tongue. After holding it there from one to two minutes one can swallow the remainder. With the process CBD gets transferred in the bloodstream through the mucous membrane that’s located in our mouth completely bypassing the liver and digestive tract. This leads to a higher bioavailability when we compare it with oral ingestion. Also, most people do prefer the sublingual method of consumption. This acts faster and is a great option for people that might be looking for instant relief from anxiety or an extreme sensation of pain.

3. Inhalation:

This is again an effective method for CBD delivery in the body system. This is because the absorption is rapid and the efficiency of lungs to transfer CBD in our bloodstream is better. Thus, offering better bioavailability. You might be smoking higher CBD strain or through a CBD vape pen, an interaction that it has with the body tends to remain the same. With CBD inhalation, it reaches directly towards the lungs and are rapidly absorbed in the bloodstream and enters the circulation. The present evidence suggests that CBD reaches the peak blood concentration in just about three minutes. This also means that the effect will last for a shorter period. This is perfect for people that are looking for instant relief. 

4. Topical CBD:

The topical CBD products are several in the market. They are available as salves, lotions, creams, and a lot of other health and wellness products. This can be applied directly to our skin and it gets absorbed through the skin surface. Here it interacts with the local cannabinoid receptors. In some of the cases, the topical that is CBD infused must be applied liberally over. The reason being, that one can enhance the absorption rate of cannabinoid in the skin.

Regardless of the way you are going to use CBD, always first consult your doctor to check for any medicine interactions. This makes sure that you are safe, and although CBD side effects are extremely rare and gentle one needs to take all precautions.

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Final Thoughts: How long does CBD stay in your system?

By now you must have got the answer for the time CBD stays in your system. Remember the key point for CBD consumption is that the right products need to be chosen. They should suit your requirements. In case you are looking for products that have a long-lasting effect a CBD oil can be great! If you are searching for something that can assist with skin health then a good topical might be a good option. Remember that in the case of topical, the effect can last for about 6 hours. It can also be localized to the area you want. CBD creams will be fantastic for joint pains and CBD oil will be good for anxiety or general pain.

When it comes to the final question on How long does CBD stay in your system and if it will be detected in drug tests, well quality matters a lot more then quantity. Reputed CBD brands with a focus on quality and product purity will make sure that this remains in the body for a longer time. They also are less detectable than the ones that are with some impurities. So if you need to experience the health benefits of CBD then always choose a high-quality product.