Why Is CBD So Expensive?

Why Is CBD So Expensive?

This is a sad yet one of the normal questions on CBD that Why is CBD so expensive?  The question is important as well because people that have been taking CBD for health issues need to take it on a regular basis for relief. This means that one has to have a budget for constant purchases. For people who are new to the concept of CBD, the CBD oil price seems to be unnecessarily high. This is especially true as the amount you get is also very less. You might be aware that some of the products do contain high CBD levels and cost more than 100 dollars. Are these costs even justifiable?

We have for you some of the reasons why is CBD so expensive?

So here are some of the key factors that are responsible for high CBD costs.

1. Breeding Of CBD Rich Strains:

You might have probably seen that CBD oil is easy to use. Although the procedure of making this small bottle is very long and can get expensive.  The very first step is breeding of the high-quality CBD rich strains for cannabis. It can also be difficult as certain legal issues might exist around the usage of cannabis. Although the hemp-derived CBD is legal in all states, there are specific varieties that one has to focus on.

The CBD enriched hemp is permitted to be grown in some of the specific states. Therefore the general procedure for growing hemp or cannabis gets limited. There are also heavy taxes that one has to accompany the legal cultivation of cannabis. This can result in a humungous amount of penalties when one makes a mistake. If one is aware of the licensing fees that the legal growers need to pay, then the CBD oil cost will make a lot more sense.

In some of the other countries like the UK, these issues are bigger. The government there only allows a specific number of growers to obtain the license of cannabis. The license is difficult to get and a lot of time these are allotted to the family and friends of the UK government. Therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise when UK minster’s husband had been given the task for discussing cannabis policies is the largest grower of the area.

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2. Impact on the Hemp Farmers

This can be bad for the hemp farmers as the other crops do get favorable taxation. Therefore it means that the farmers that grow cannabis have little incentives. Naturally, this leads to a low supply of hemp that is domestically grown. This leads to higher costs as well. Without even going in the legalities here, just the procedure of growing hemp can be expensive. Cannabis is a hardy plant and therefore the common name of weed is used for it. Although for obtaining the quality yield there is still a requirement of optimum moisture and temperature. In some of the places, this can be impossible without some of the expensive indoor growing operations.

One can imagine the way CBD cannabis has to be grown in the controlled environment and the manner in which this gets expensive. The hefty bills will come with the artificial lights, feeding setups, and ventilation systems. This is the manner in which CBD can get expensive very fast. The overhead costs don’t play a huge role in the high CBD oil costs. The heavy taxes also exist when CBD oil sales come in the picture. And as we had already discussed that after the harvesting itself the CBD oil processing has these huge costs.

Why is CBD so expensive: The CBD oil costs that are involved?

Just at first glance, CBD oil might seem like any other simple medicine. Then what is it that makes the oil so costly. For isolating CBD the process of extraction is necessary. And this requires an important setup. The equipment that comes for it is expensive and the worker’s salary goes in that can handle the equipment properly.

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For example, take the CO2 extraction machine. There is the use of high pressure and heat levels that chance carbon dioxide to the supercritical state. Supercritical is the state where carbon dioxide is able to show the properties of both gas and liquid. The CO2 is then able to permeate the solid plant matter and then extract the phytochemicals. In simple words, it is able to pull substances lie terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds from the plant.

Once this procedure is complete, the extract is taken ahead of or further purification. This is the specific case for CBD isolate. For people that don’t know CBD isolate is the form that only contains pure CBD and there is nothing else.

Overall, there are several steps involved with the manufacture of great quality CBD oil. There is the use of hi-tech machinery, and also people that are aware of operating them well. And this needs a lot of investment.

Here we take a look at the step of CBD extraction that needs a lot more specialized equipment.

Why is Winterization important?

After the process of CO2 extraction, the mixture that is obtained has to be frozen and then purified. This is called winterization. The procedure allows the manufacturer separation of the specific compound before the tincture is bottled.

After separation of the compound, the mixture needs to be suspended in the inter oil for a long time. As per the CBD oil choice, the costs might get dramatically increased while the step takes place.

The hemp and coconut oils offer texture and taste to the oil but the ones of high quality don’t come cheap. The oil promotes the health benefits that are associated with the use of fatty oils that are of a specific type. For instance, organic coconut oil has the capacity to encourage CBD intake in our bodies. This occurs through the drug delivery via the intestinal lymphatic track. And the quality is observed in fatty oils. Therefore CBD oil stays in the intestine and this makes the transfer to the bloodstream easier.

After the process of winterization, CBD oil gets bottled and is ready for shipment and usage. However, there are some more vital steps that are needed for having a good quality CBD oil in the hands of the customer.

Why is CBD so expensive: Making the oil ready for sales

Now cannabis or CBD, in general, is currently in an interesting position when it comes to legal aspects. Although this is well known that CBD does not offer any psychoactive effects and is not addictive in any manner, people still treat it with dear and doubt. This happens as they compare it with regular cannabis.

For the main reason, a lot of countries have made strict rules on the way CBD oil needs to be tested. There are also several regulations that the product should be confirmed. It mainly involves the extensive testing of CBD oil and in both of the labs that the government food and drug authorities spot check. The costs involved with such testing are also huge and there are several criteria like individual efficacy, presence of THC and so much more. Some of the organizations like the Provacan in the United Kingdom had gone ahead to make CBD oil kosher certified. This procedure is arduous and expensive.

Efficacy of CBD Product for the Customer

The need for third party lab testing and accreditations is that the product is of good quality for the customer. This will be encouraging the customers to pick up a CBD product from a specific brand. Already there is doubt in people’s minds because of the association of CBD with cannabis, people see CBD oil with fear. When one obtains several certifications CBD producers believe that they will be able to reach a wide audience. 

The variety of taxation issues and legal challenges make CBD sales internationally or even across the state borders difficult. And this happens as the legal laws can be different depending on the place that you are in. Also, technically cannabis is federally illegal. This means that people fear that they will be endangering themselves with the use of hemp-derived CBD. But this is where correct information becomes critical.

Regardless Of the Costs, Always Keep Your Health Safety First

Even when we consider the high CBD oil costs, keep in mind that you should never settle for a poor quality product for the cheap price. While CBD on its own can be a natural, non-addictive, and safe substance and there are no adverse health effects as per the WHO, there are some low-quality products in the market. There can be the presence of harmful and questionable ingredients present in the CBD oil as well.

So look for the lab-verified, high-quality product extracted from industrial hemp and a reliable brand. When compared to the market price these can get expensive but is completely worth the health benefits. And you will be aware that you are being exposed only to the high-quality pure substance.

The bottom line is that purchasing cheap quality CBD oil is just not worth it. This will not give you any health benefit and you will be dissatisfied. The effects might leave some bad experiences as well and you might then completely refrain from CBD products.

The CBD oil prices: Marijuana sourced vs Hemp sourced

The states also provide legal marijuana uses. The users might go to the pharmaceutical then placing the order for CBD products online. There can be a cost difference when people compare CBD oil pharma vs the online costs.

It is crucial here that you understand the difference between CBD oil that is made from marijuana and the one that is made from the hemp plant. Most of the CBD oil that you find online comes from industrial hemp. This was possible after the farm bill was passed in the year 2018 making it a legal crop.

The CBD oil that you will find in the dispensary comes from marijuana. This has a high content of THC in it. So why there is a difference between the marijuana sourced CBD oil and the hemp sourced CBD products?

This is again a question where one cannot pinpoint an exact answer. The cost will be varying from one place to another. However, the customers find that CBD oil prices are on the expensive side. Often they can be compared to the best hemp-based products that you find online.

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Regardless of the city that you live in, the CBD oil purchase has to be done on some vital factors. These are safety, purity, and potency and not just the final CBD oil cost.

Final Thoughts on Why is CBD So Expensive:

So from the above information, it must have been clear that CBD and related products do seem to be expensive forever. One might just be looking at the small bottle that’s kept on the shelf, with a huge price tag and less justification. But you should now be aware of the hard work and difficulties that are involved with the CBD oil manufacture.

Additionally, the hemp and CBD products, in general, are taxed heavily. Therefore they cost so much more for marketing because of the important taxation stages. All of these produce the final product that to a consumer seems extravagantly expensive.

However, in case the prospect of spending so much money on CBD oil, seems scary to you, just focus on the benefits it provides. CBD for a long time now has been known for offering medicinal benefits for several health conditions. THE CBD oil is versatile and you just need a very little dosage for regular use. Therefore just one bottle of CBD oil is going to last you a very long time. You might just need to purchase the bottle a few times for an entire year and will cost you only a few pennies per day. 

So CBD product might be seen to be expensive, you are getting a great deal!