ProDentim Review: Does It Work? Is It Really Worth the Money?


ProDentim Advanced Oral Probiotics is a natural, plant-based chewable candy. The manufacturer designs the product explicitly to keep your mouth bacteria-free and your gums and teeth healthy and strong. Your teeth and gums also need protection like any other body organ, and cleaning them with a brush and toothpaste is not enough.

There are two types of bacteria present in the environment, one that is good for us and the other one that is bad for us. The good bacteria live inside our Body; they help us to digest food, encourage our Body’s respiratory process etc. While on the other hand, harmful bacteria can cause several health issues. When we brush our teeth, the good and bad bacteria wash out from our mouths. But the innovative prodentim candy has 3.5 billion different microorganisms and nutrients. These healthy microorganisms and nutrients are beneficial not only for our health but our oral health also.

Over View OF Prodentim Candy

Name ProDentim Advanced Oral Probiotics
Category Food Supplement
Consumption Process Oral Consumption
Ingredients 3.5 million Bacteria, Inulin, Malic Acid, Tricalcium Phosphate, Peppermint,
Main Benefits Protect the Teeth, Protect the Gums, Protect the oral health, and help the good bacteria complete their entire lifespan.
Side Effects Not Identified
Eligibility for Consumption ProDentim Chewable Candies are appropriate for all age groups.
Features Plant-based, vegan-friendly, Gluten Free, Non-habit forming.
Approval GMP Certified, FDA Approved, GMO-Free.
Price $69/ per bottle.
Bonuses Multiple Packs are Available On the official website with bonus gifts.
Money Back Policy 60 Days money back guarantee


What is ProDentim Candy?

ProDentim Candy is an advanced formula that takes care of your entire oral system naturally. It contains more than 3.5 billion probiotics which are incredibly healthy for our digestive system. Many of us take good care of our mouths, teeth and gums. Now, washing the teeth and gums is extremely necessary as they need to be bacteria-free.

When we eat food, tiny particles of that food accumulate between the gaps of the teeth and gums; later, these particles break down and cause bacteria and foul odours. They also damage our teeth and gums as well. Generally, according to doctors, brushing twice after two big meals is enough. But many people brush their teeth more than two or three times daily.

Now brushing multiple times removes the odours and bacteria from your mouth and indirectly harms your health. Our mouth contains millions of good bacteria that help us live healthy lives. They support our digestive system and immune function, control inflammation and save us from harmful bacteria. When we brush our teeth with toothpaste, it washes out both the good and the bacteria. The action may save us from a specific health issue but affect us differently.

Here these magical candies work. As we said, candies created by millions of good bacteria greatly benefit our health and mouth. Now let’s understand how prodentim chewable candy works.

How ProDentim Works?

Many people are surprised when they first hear about ProDentim for the first time. The first thing they search on the internet is “prodentim does it work?” or “How ProDentim Works?”. The answer is that ProDentim works and provides us with the maximum benefits regarding our oral health. ProDentim increases the number of good bacteria in our mouth by influencing the growth of those bacteria. Each candy contains Bacterial Spores and multiple nutrients, which will keep them alive for long hours in our mouths. When those good bacteria stay there for long hours in our mouth, it stays fresh and clean. Again, the harmful bacteria that cause different mouth and dental issues cannot survive in our mouth as good bacteria fight with them for long hours.

Why Are Good Bacterias So Important for Our Health?

Our Body contains many different things. It is like a miniature replica of the Ecosystem where millions and trillions of microorganisms live. One of the most valuable organisms is bacteria. Now both good and bad bacteria live inside our bodies. And good bacteria, commonly known as Probiotics, are beneficial to us. They balance the amount of good and bad bacteria in our intestinal area. The process may look normal or creepy, but it is essential for our health. They protect us from health issues like diarrhea, bellyache, indigestion, problems oral like tartar, dental caries, gingivitis and many more.

Good bacteria or healthy organisms need a proper atmosphere to grow, live, do their work and die in our mouths. But the strong flavour of mouthwash or toothpaste destroys that atmosphere. Then what should we do? Should we stop cleaning our mouths to protect those bacteria? Not cleaning the mouth with mouthwash is extremely important as it destroys harmful bacteria. But providing a healthy atmosphere to help the good bacteria to grow in your mouth is equally important. And that is why you need ProDentim Chewable Candies.

How ProDentim Helps the Good Bacteria to Grow in The Mouth?

ProDentim contains four beneficial ingredients that create a perfect atmosphere where the Bacterial spores can grow naturally and live their whole lifespan. Now, usually, the lifespan of a good bacteria is 12 hours. At this particular time, bacteria are born, grow up, produce new life, fight with the bad ones and die. The ingredients in the ProDentim Chewing gums maintain the atmosphere for 12 hours so that the good bacteria can adequately complete the task. ProDentim Candies also contain the bacteria spores that grow in our mouths when we consume them. So technically, it is an all-in-one product to protect our entire oral health as well as our overall health system. And all these things happen because of the ingredients.

What Ingredients ProDentim Chewable Candies Contain?

When we talk about prodentim ingredients, the first thing that comes to mind is the 3.5 billion bacteria. Along with the bacteria, the candies contain 4 plant-based ingredients, which are beneficial for the bacteria and helpful for us. Let’s know about them in detail.

1. Good Bacteria

ProDentim contains 3.5 billion good bacteria, which are commonly known as probiotics. Do not get afraid about the amount. Technically there are trillions of microorganisms present in the Body. Now when it comes to good bacteria, the number is 100 trillion. They are the smallest organism born, live, produce and die in the Body. And if we talk about our mouth specifically, there are probably 6 billion good bacteria that a human mouth contains. Now not all of them get washed with toothpaste or mouthwash. Some survive this toxic attack, but the ProDentim provides the ones that cannot survive. Here we are discussing the three main bacteria and their benefits in ProDentim.

  • Lactobacillus Paracasei

Lactobacillus Paracasei or L. Paracasei is one of the most beneficial bacteria, which provides benefits in multiple ways. They help us break down food and increase our digestion system’s ability to absorb the nutrients from the food properly. They also fight the harmful bacteria that cause different health issues. This particular type of bacteria is available in fermented food like Cheese, Yoghurt, Kimchi, Apple Cider Vinegar, etc.

  • Lactobacillus Reuteri

L.Reuteri helps the Body to generate antimicrobial molecules. Organic acids, reuterin, and ethanol. This particular probiotic improves digestion and protects us from health issues like diarrhoea, upset stomach, urinary infections, vaginal yeast infections, eczema, etc. Again, many people face lactose intolerance, which means they cannot tolerate any food made from milk. This particular product helps them to survive in such situations as well. The primary source of Lactobacillus reuteri is a different type of dairy and meat.

  • B.Lactis BL-04

This probiotic is available in infant formula, fermented vegetables and dairy products like yoghurt. The probiotic can increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals from the food and helps to treat different health issues like constipation, irritable bowel, respiratory infections, dental cavities, hay fever, diarrhea, etc. B,lactis BL-04 can produce folic acid or Vitamin B9, a rare type of vitamin.

2. Other Types of Ingredients.

The product, ProDentim, also contains some other minerals and four plants which are beneficial for oral health and our entire Body. They help the probiotics to survive in our oral system.

  • Inulin

The primary source of Inulin is different types of fruits, vegetables and herbs. It is a soluble fibre, which helps the microbes present in our stomach to live their lifespan completely. Along with assisting the probiotics, the ingredient treats our constipation problem and improves the digestive system. Again, it increases the digestive system’s ability to absorb minerals like magnesium and calcium. Various medicines treat diabetes and regulate the insulin level in the Body contain Inulin.

  • Malic Acid

Remember when we said ProDentim could give us multiple health benefits? It is because ProDentim contains malic acid. Malic acid is highly beneficial to our health. It helps treat certain skin diseases and fatigue, improves digestion, etc. Malic acid contains hydrogen, which along with other benefits, improves oral health. That is why Malic Acid is used to treat different gum diseases. Again, it helps to destroy the biofilm bacteria, which causes Plaque on the teeth. Biofilm creates a layer of Plaque on the teeth, making them look yellow. That is why, when you consume ProDentim, the malic acid in the product makes your teeth look white.

  • Tricalcium Phosphate

Tricalcium Phosphate is a specific type of Calcium salt that contains phosphoric acid. The ingredient is rich in different minerals and is one of the best sources of minerals for vegan people. The element is highly beneficial for bone health. It prevents the loss of bone and teeth. Many of us face the decay of our teeth, mainly due to the deficiency of calcium and phosphate. Now Tricalcium Phosphate contains calcium and phosphate, which not only protect the teeth but also naturally rebuild the tooth enamel.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint is a natural flavouring and a good substitute for GMO-made flavours, which are toxic and harmful to human health. Now everyone knows Peppermint is best for stomach health, digestion, stress and depression, sinuses, etc. Peppermint is also beneficial in increasing energy levels and menstrual cramps. Again, if you are looking for a natural ingredient that will help you to fight against bacterial infections, then Peppermint is best for you. The only Peppermint source is mint leaves, which contain essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorus. The ingredient gives us a fresh breath and improves bone density and strength of the teeth, enamel, and gums.

These ingredients are extremely rich in minerals. These minerals are not only beneficial for our oral health, stomach and teeth or gums but they also maintain the perfect atmosphere for good bacteria. now let’s know about the benefits of the product.

What Are the Main Benefits of ProDentim?

According to the manufacturer, the main benefit of ProDentim is keeping our oral system healthy but if we take a closer look, we will find that ProDentim is a versatile product and has the potential of providing multiple benefits.

  • ProDentim is the main source of 3.5 million good bacteria.
  • These little chewing gums contain multiple minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and malic acid. These elements are necessary for the human body.
  • Removes the plaque in the teeth and makes the white.
  • Peppermint presents in the ProDentim helps us to remove bad odours and stay fresh for long hours.
  • The product also strengthens the teeth and improves the conditions of the gums.
  • By providing good bacteria from outside, ProDentim indirectly helps us to stay healthy and fit.
  • The good bacteria present in the product are extremely beneficial for our guts.
  • If you want to have a white and sparkling smile like a Hollywood star without spending dollars and using harmful chemicals then ProDentim is your answer.

These are the main benefits of ProDentim. But knowing the ingredients and the benefits is not enough. We bet if you know about the features you will be amazed.

Features of ProDentim

When it comes to features, do not take Prodentim as a regular product. The product gives you more benefits than any regular product that costs you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

  • Product Complaints

When it comes to prodentim complaints we are extremely proud to tell you that product is GMP Certified, FDA approved made from 100% natural ingredients. Again, the product does not contain any GMO product. GMO product means something that is not produced in the lab. All the ingredients present in the product are natural and plant-based. That is why the product is a safe choice for vegan people.

  • Price of the Product

If you are thinking where to buy prodentim? Then our suggestion is you should buy it from the official website. On the official website, you will get multiple choices regarding the purchase. Now if you are not sure about the product but still want to try the product then you can try the single pack. Again, if you want to save your money then you can purchase the multiple bottles pack. Now as the product is suitable for everyone so purchasing the multi-pack will give the best benefits.

  1. Single Pack- The pack contain only one bottle which is sufficient for 30 days. It will cost you $69.
  2. Three Bottle Pack- There are three bottles along with 2 complimentary bottles of ProDentim will be offered. The pack is sufficient for 90 Days and each bottle of the pack will cause $59. This is the most popular pack on ProDentim’s official website.
  3. Six Bottle Pack- The pack contain six bottles of ProDentim along with two complimentary bottles. And this pack is also known as a super-saving pack as each bottle of the pack will cost you only $49. The pack is sufficient for 180 days for a single person.

And we want to inform you that none of these packs will ask you to pay the additional shipping charges. Because the manufacturers provide free bonuses to every customer by removing the shipping charges.

  • Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer provides a 100% money-back guarantee. If you think the product is not beneficial or not giving you the result, you are expecting or gives you some side effects then you can apply for the money-back policy. In this case, you have to apply for the money-back policy within 60 days from the date of purchase of the product.

  • Eligibility for Consumption

Now here both the manufacturer and we are proud most. Unlike any other product, this product is appropriate for everyone. That means everyone in your family can consume the product young to old. And what is beneficial it gives you the privilege to rest assured that it will not harm any of the members of your family.

  • Side-Effects

First, the product is FDA approved which proves that it is safe to consume. Second, the product is not GMO-free, which means the product and any of the ingredients are not produced in the lab. Third 95,000 users who have already used the product provide testimonials about the benefits and the side effect of the product. And if you think about where is prodentim manufactured, then we will be glad to tell you that the product is made in the USA.

  • Other Features

Along with these main features, there are a few other features the product provides. For example-

  1. The product is easy to consume and easy to digest.
  2. ProDentim does not contain any stimulants and you or your child will not get habituated to the product.
  3. It is Gluten free and it will not raise your weight.

These are the main features that you will get from the ProDentim Advanced Oral Probiotics.

How to Consume ProDentim Probiotics?

Many people are concerned that if the product is not like toothpaste or mouthwash then how to take prodentim to get the maximum benefits? Well according to the manufacturer the product should be consumed every morning after cleaning your teeth. Now, why you should clean your teeth before consuming the product because your mouthwash or teeth can remove the good bacteria that you received from the ProDentim Soft-Gel Tablets. But if you wash your mouth first, then it will remove all the bad bacteria and make some room for the good ones. Besides, the product gives you a test of refreshment which you will be able to understand if your mouth is clean.

Now talking about the dosages, there is no need to consume two or three candies in a day. Each bottle of ProDentim contains 30 capsules which are sufficient for a person for a month. However, if everyone in your family will take the supplement then it is better to purchase the bigger pack.


The manufacturer claims that there are almost 93,000 users already tried and gotten amazing results from the product. And looking at the testimonials we believe the claim is true.

  • Sam Perkin

Sam who is a resident of Dallas, USA, is very fastidious about his oral health and teeth. He was so furious about not taking care of his teeth enough that he always tries the latest dental products, whenever something arrives on the market. And finally, Sam gets in touch will ProDentim and this is what he says now- “ For the first time in decades, my teeth feel amazing.”

  • Portia Thompson

Portia was suffering from dental issues for so many years. No treatment and no medicines could give her the beneficial results that she needs. At a certain time, the condition become so bad that Portia started thinking of giving up on her teeth. It is then her doctor recommended trying ProDentim and she gets the best result in a year.

  • Theo Franklin

Theo lives in Chicago and using ProDentim for long years. According to Thero, his gums never looked so good before as he has suffered gum issues for so long and finally after started consuming ProDentim he stays worried-free about his gums.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Who Can Consume ProDentic Candies?

Anyone who has a gum or teeth problem can consume ProDentic Candies. But if you are giving the candies to a child then consult with the doctor first. Otherwise, any person can consume the product without worrying about any side effects. The product contains only natural ingredients and they are very beneficial for our health.

From Where I Should Buy ProDentic Candies?

The best place to purchase ProDentic Candies is the official website. Because you will get the best benefits from the official websites only. For example. If you buy a single pack of ProDentim Candies it will cost you $69, but if you buy three bottle packs then you will save almost 120 rupees, Again, if you purchase the six bottles pack you will be able to save $300. Again, if you do not like the product you will be able to get all your money back from the official website within 60 days from the date of purchase.

What if my kid takes more than one candy a day?

First of all, if you are giving your kid the ProDentim Probiotic then you should consult your doctor first. Though the product is safe for kids, precaution is better than protection. Second, a tablet of ProDentim is enough for a person. Though consuming two or three capsules will not harm your child but make sure they don’t.

For how long do I have to take ProDentim Probiotics?

Generally, ProDentim shows the result from the first day. But if you want to remove all your health problems from the root then you have to consume it for at least 2 to 3 months. Now, ProDentim is a natural food supplement and does not contain any harmful chemicals. And that is why to see the visible changes you have to consume it every day.

Final Words

ProDentim chewable Candies are great for our teeth and gums, throat and tongue, in short, the entire Oral System. On the other hand, the product contains 3.5 million probiotics which are extremely beneficial for our mouth, our guts and our overall health. Again, it contains multiple minerals that are extremely necessary for us. And the last benefit you will get is something that we all want, a sparkling smile with visibly white teeth.