Elixinol: Is it Legit?

Elixinol: Is it Legit?

What Have you heard about Elixinol? When we talk about CBD, all of us want products sourced from the best hem as well as by making use of best practices. But most of the CBD brands available in the market are making use of the lowest quality hemp that’s available or make use of the extraction methods that produce weaker CBD.

Elixinol is the synonym for finest CBD

Unlike most of the other CBD companies, Elixinol makes sure that it isn’t cutting corners when we talk about potency and purity. The company had been founded by Paul Benhaim. He wanted to make sure that the CBD products being created are super absorbable and also cannabinoid-rich. And the best part is that it’s not disappointing. But what is the main difference Elixinol makes? Keep reading for more detail on that!

Everything That You Must Know About Elixinol:

The company remains amongst the few seeds in the sales industry. This means that they go too far lengths for ensuring the products manufactured are of the best quality possible.

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What Is Seed To Sale?

This means that Elixinol handles the entire process from production to the final sale. The hemp is grown in Colorado for creating CBD oil using  best extraction methods. And this is what makes the company comes up with such a huge range of products. They have tinctures, CBD dog treats, protein powder, capsules, lip balm, and liposomes. You might be wondering what is liposome and you shall know that in a few minutes. Just keep on reading.

Best Products by Elixinol to Try:

Here is the list of best products that the brand has to offer and should certainly give them a try!!

1. CBD Oil:

There is an entire range of CBD oil that you can shop for online from their official website.  Their CBD extract consists of organic coconut oil. You can get the full spectrum one for all flavonoids, terpenes, and phytocannabinoid profiles. The CBD oil is gluten-free, organic, and vegan. The coconut oil mainly acts as the delivery vehicle helping the cannabinoids for getting into the bloodstream and this assures faster absorption.

What more?

With a wide variety of Cannabinoids apart from CBD. Elixinol hemp extracts can give an entourage effect that also delivers, several benefits when compared with CBD oil of different companies. You can get this one in natural and cinnamint flavor.

The old has been sourced from organic best quality hemp that is made using Co2 extraction process. This also means that there is no use of toxic chemicals and harsh solvent for producing it and this gives the result of golden-colored, high-quality CBD oil.

Product Information and Our Recommendation:

You get 8 mg of CBD in one serving and there are four potencies available for purchase ranging from 133 mg to 4000 mg. We recommend going for the 133 mg CBD oil if you are a beginner, and this will also be great for trying out the product without spending too much.

Although if you have been using CBD for a long time you can buy the 1000 mg or 4000 mg bottle that as they will provide you with 125 and 240 servings respectively.

They also add Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP) which is a vital terpene and enhances the overall CBD formulation. For accuracy the bottle comes with a marked dropper, so you don’t have to stress about the right dosage either.

Why Does The Color Of CBD Oil Matter?

There is so much color variation seen when we talk about CBD opacity. And this can also be one of the criteria that can help you with narrowing down your choices. Why? The main reason being that lighter-colored CBD oil means that there has been more processing done. The unprocessed, raw oil will be of a darker shade and at times even greenish as it indicates the chlorophyll and left plant material.

Then on the other side, there are clear, golden CBD oil like the one from Elixinol. This is where there has been extensive filtration done for removing the plant material while making sure CBD content is present.

The final result is purest hemp oil that has several benefits. This is certainly a great product.

Scent and Flavor:

How Does The CBD Oil Smell?

Most of the CBD tinctures that you find in the market have the standard raw earth smell. This is something unique tart smell that we often see in CBD oils. However, the one in cinnamint flavor from Elixinol tastes exactly as it has been named and this is another feature from the brand that we love!

How Does The CBD Oil Taste?

As the Elixinol oil gets filtered for removing the plant material, the flavor is very mild when we compare it with other tinctures available in the market. We also love that cinnamon and mint flavor combination as it masks the hemp taste without anything being overdone.

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2. Sports Gel (1000 mg)

If you want to get rid of any muscular pain or minor ache pretty quickly, then this sports gel from Elixinol can be of immense help. The gel is made with hemp extract that’s a broad spectrum. This means that you will get all of the hemp benefits without your risk of association with THC.

And not only this, the gel is easy to apply and gets absorbed quickly. So you will be able to apply the gel and there will be no stress on getting it over your clothes. With the additional anti-inflammatory properties and ingredients like capsaicin, arnica, and camphor you can be assured of lasting pain relief through something that smells great.

You just have to massage the gel on the needed area for getting the relief in seconds. Honestly, the gel is that great!

3. Elixinol Topical Balm

The topical balms by the brand are proof of the company’s commitment to offering clients the CBD product that caters well to the client’s needs. From this specific product line, you will be able to get lip balms that can help with dry chapped lips.

It soothes the delicate lip skin and also regenerates. This effect will last even if you are spending time in harsh weather conditions with extreme temperatures.

Apart from the CBD hemp extract the lip balm also contains vitamin E and omega fatty acids that has amazing hydrating and moisturizing properties.

Another option is CBD hemp balm that will be good for your skin hydration. The natural formulation can get absorbed by the skin pretty quickly.

4. CBD Dog treats

You can get the best quality CBD dog treats from Elixinol. The product is non-intoxicating and isn’t going to make your pet ‘high’. This is natural, whole food, non-GMO, zero grain food. The testing is done by third-party labs for ensuring efficacy and safety. This is also a good option for maintaining the overall health of the dog.

5. Elixinol CBD Capsules

The company apart from their CBD oil is also making CBD capsules. This makes CBD very easy for people that don’t like the taste of the oil. Also, it’s easy to carry with you while traveling.

But how is the CBD capsule from Elixinol different from the other brands in the market?

Elixinol is offering you three CBD capsule varieties that are formulated for specific requirements.  Here are the features of each of these:

1. Body Comfort:

This is the first CBD capsule variety. It can help in body functioning so that you can easily manage things every day while staying comfortable. The capsule contains CBD that’s full spectrum with Boswellia. Now Boswellia has been known for reducing body inflammation to a large extent.

2. Stress Less:

As the name suggests their second formulation will help you in coping with the routine stresses of life. This will get you in a better mood as well as support everyday health. Each of these capsules contains CBD oil in 15 mg strength. Then there is also Ashwagandha added for reducing anxiety issues and boosting calmness. For making sure you are well focused throughout, you should be taking it just before work and get the sense of being calm!

3. Omega Turmeric:

The final formulation the company has come up with is called Omega Turmeric. This is a capsule that works immensely well for boosting your immunity. There are ingredients like algae and turmeric added as well.

Now, turmeric is a great antioxidant and DHA derived from algae contains high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids. All of this is available to you in the Elixinol capsules and will keep you safe from inflammation and will fight free radicals.

4. CBD Lipsosmes:

This is truly its kind product from the brand. You might not have even heard of CBD liposomes before. Liposomes are also carriers for hemp oil and can easily shift the components of the oil in your cell membrane.

It also has the technology for nanodispersion that the brand has developed for every compound. This makes cannabinoid absorption much efficient and quick. The result is the powerful and instant effect that can last you an entire day.

There are also herb and fruit extracts present that gives the oil a good flavor and you can add it to your beverage or consume it sublingually. Undoubtedly this is a high-quality product that you will love.

Elixinol Pros and Cons:

Now comes the part about what we like and didn’t like about the brand so that making a wise choice becomes easier for you!


1. Strict Testing:

For ensuring that you only get the best and nothing less, Elixinol products go through strict testing. They also test their products for heavy metals, microbial contamination, terpene, pesticides, and mycotoxins.

And that’s not all! After they complete the testing they also make use of HPLC equipment from leading labs so that the results are confirmed. And all of the information is available regarding each of the products on their official website.

This means that you are assured of everything that you get from the product.

2. Product Range Is Impressive!

Elixinol is not like other CBD brands that you find in the market. They aren’t producing products for enhancing sales. Instead, their main focus remains the quality and effectiveness of CBD products. But still, they have managed to come up with a product range that makes sure there is something for everyone.

3. Amazing Product Sourcing:

This is where Elixinol excels at. They have made an international presence that makes sure that the brand is keeping well with the high standards. The hemp they use is sourced from Australia, the US, and Europe. They also partner with farmers that have a similar vision when it comes to maintaining high quality.

4. Reasonable Cost:

We can’t say that they are the cheapest CBD products in the market. However, when you compare the product quality for the price you pay, this is a reasonable and affordable brand. And not just that, in case you do find the cost a bit too high, you can always make use of Elixinol Coupon Codes. This will make sure that you get some great discounts for legit products!

Make sure that you are very careful and not purchasing products from unauthorized sources. It is recommended that you always make your purchase from the official website only.

5. Unique Flavor Options:

You might not believe it, but Elixinol also has in-house formulators. The fluid extraction procedure that they use for extracting CBD oil is the same method they use for coming up with CBD product flavors.

For instance, the cinnamint flavor is created by using cinnamon extracts. This makes sure that you are getting great flavor, antifungal, and antibacterial properties as well. And this is surely innovative!

6. Great Return Policy:

You can always judge the confidence of a company by the kind of return policy they are willing to give the customers. You will get a full refund within 3 months in case you get a damaged product delivered. And in case you aren’t happy with the product itself, you can make a refund request in 30 days.

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1. Shipping and Waiting:

For your order processing, it can take between 2 to 4 days. Then, another 3 to 4 days for the product shipping as well. It is recommended that you make sure that you place your order a little ahead of time so that you always have a refill when you need it.

Final Thoughts on Elixinol:

Certainly, Elixinol will give you a pleasant surprise when you try their CBD products. Although it is a comparatively new brand they are offering high-quality CBD products. You can even get CBD for pets. The product range as we mentioned earlier is impressive, and you will surely find something that suits your requirements well!