How to Smoke a Cart Without a Pen?

How to Smoke a Cart Without a Pen

Smoking carts are gaining popularity continuously, and activating them; vape pens are used, which are available in the market. But sometimes people forget to carry a vape pen with them, which arrives a question in their mind “How to smoke a cart without a pen?“. Then here is the solution to your issue. Yes, it is possible to smoke a cart without a pen. Moreover, the device used to smoke a cart is easily available and more likely to carry every possible while travelling or at home. It is possible technically by use of your android charger. But during this time, you would also doubt whether the iPhone charger or any other device will work. Now, let’s understand how it is possible to know everything about it in detail.

What is a Smoking cart?

Smoking carts are commonly known as vape carts or cartridges. This is used as a disposal container and is an easy way to smoke compared to traditional methods. The traditional methods involve several processes for using weed to smoke, liking buying, grinding, and with the use of lighter lighting it. Whereas smoking involves a few simple steps, those are buying it and charging it with a vape pen to start it. Depending on the user’s requirement, they can purchase it pre-filled or empty. 

Smoking carts contain hemp concentrate or cannabis, which is disposed of combined with an atomizer, coil, and other things required to transform cannabinoid concentrate into a vapour after it gets activated. It contains all the natural components and has gained favours for several years.

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What is a vape pen?

The main component in the vape pain that activates the smoking cart is its battery. These are simple to operate. All you require to do is push the button in pen to start heating the smoking cart to produce vapour. Vape pen mostly runs on electricity used to charge the batteries in them. Most vape pens are designed to admit 510-threaded cartridges, also known as a universal standard in the industry. 

A vape pen is available in many online stores and can also be found in the market. You can make purchases at your convenience. However, you may lose your vape pen or forget it at home before leaving home, or it may not be available in the market. During this type, you may want a solution of “How to smoke a cart without a pen?“. One of the alternative devices that can be used in this situation is the android charger. However, using a vape pen and its battery is always recommended as it is the safest option for users. 

How to use the android charger to activate a smoking cart?

Android chargers are the most convenient alternative for a vape pen or its battery. There are some simple steps that you must follow to do so. Ensure that your charger has red and black wires, as these are the most important wires to activate the smoking cart. Follow the steps: 

Step 1: The charging pot should be cut off

To cut off the charging pot, use scissors and ensure the part that goes into the phone and not the USB port of the charger towards the base. Ensure to leave room to reach from a desktop, wall USB port, or laptop. 

Step 2: Remove the white and green wires from it

Red and black wires are essential for this project so that you can remove white and green wires.

Step 3: Strip the bottom of the red and black wires

It will be more convenient if you use a wire stripper to strip the ends of both red and black wires. However. A nail clipper can also be used in place of a wire stripper but make sure not to melt the bottom of the wire with it. 

Step 4: Black wire should be inserted into your smoking cart 

At the centre of the end, locate the small circle of your vape cart. Place the stripped bottom of the black wire snugly into this hole. 

Step 5: hold the red wire outward of the cart.

Gently hold the red wire outward on the metal surface of the smoking cart. At this moment, plus your android charger to a powered USB slot. You will hear an immediate hissing sound with the vapour emerging from the smoking cart. However, the heat produced from this method may be harder than you have earlier experience, so inhale carefully.   

This will activate vapour in your smoking cart, and you can use it. However, it is only recommended to use this method in emergencies. Please try to purchase a vape pen and its battery. They are affordable and safe to use rather than this method, which can be complicated for you. 

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Can an iPhone charger also be used? 

You can also use an iPhone charger, but the android charge is more recommended since wires in iPhone chargers are more complicated to use. However, the process of using an iPhone charger is similar to the method used for an android charger mentioned above. But due to the complicated internal wires in the iPhone chargers, you will require much more time with patience and knowledge about wires so that you will be able to operate it successfully. This is why most people select Andriod chargers rather than iPhone chargers and suggest them. 

Can a lighter be used to smoke a cart?

Though many users have concluded that using a lighter can successfully be used to smoke a cart, it is not recommended from our side since this method is dangerous and can be harmful to you. Placing a flame at the bottom hole of the cartridge’s vapour could burn you or pour the resulting smoke with metals that are heavy and other harmful contaminants. People may be desperate to use modern electric power, but doing this activity would be positively stone-age.

Things to be considered 

A few things must be considered before using an android charger to activate the vapour in the smoking cart. Following the abovementioned steps is essential to keep these points in mind for a better outcome.

  • Using a low-quality USB wall adapter can be harmful.
  • You neglect to utilize the phone charger in the wall adapter where the cable is fixed.
  • You need to use your vape charge to leave it charging for a long time. 
  • Use a USB port from a PC, stereo, game console, DVD, laptop, TV, or car charger. 
  • Don’t leave a battery charger or a charging vapour unattended. 
  • In a high-humidity environment, don’t charge the vape.
  •  In a hot environment, do not charge the vape.
  • Suppose the vape is saturated in e-liquids or is wet. Don’t charge it.
  •  If your vape gets heated while charging, stop continuing to charge it.

It is better to buy a new batter and vape pen rather than use different techniques to heat your smoking cart.

Reasons for buying a new vape pen or battery

If you want to try an experiment, grab an android charger with a few tools and get into the work. But if not, there is no rule that you can keep a single battery or vape pen with you, so you must keep an extra one or travel for any other emergency. Trying experiments may turn out risky, so better avoid them. You can grab a few extras as it is affordable to avoid the situation of emergency requirements. 

Until you want to purchase fancy devices, vape pens and their batteries are affordable and can be easily purchased by the smoking cart user. They can even keep them the extra as the best quality of the device can also easily be purchased for $100. However, normal vape pens batteries can be easily purchased for $10, which is a really low amount if you have already invested in a smoking cart. Though you might not use extras for years, you would not have to worry about emergencies. As you know, you have an extra piece that can be used whenever needed. 

Hitting a smoking cart using anything other than a vape pen may be dangerous and harmful. Connecting the smoking cart with the charged battery is only a safe and suitable option that must be kept in mind. However you can use other quick methods, but to have to keep your security and safety in danger. Rather than desperately searching for “how to smoke a cart without a pen” on the internet or practising different experiments, it is suggested to use a vape pen. 

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The desperation of using a smoking cart without a pen or its battery may be dangerous for you. However you can use the android charger to do so, but using a lighter to hit the smoking cart is strictly not since this may burn you. But think of using something other than the android charger to activate vapour in the smoking cart for the long term. Since this is unsafe, it is just a vape pen and its battery, which is affordable for you. There are some things to be considered while you are using an android or iPhone charge to hit the smoking cart, which is requested for your safety. Using an android charger for doing so is the quick and safe option compared to others. It requires less work to set up.


Is it constructive to learn how to hit a cart with a water bottle? 

Using a water bottle or drink bottle makes it possible to hit a smoking cart. This method is similar to a usual water bottle bong, but rather than making a bowl, you have to insert a straw for cannabis flower that attaches loosely to the cart. Using a water bottle to hit a cart technically counts as smoking, though, as you have to apply a lighter to the bottom of the smoking cart and inhale through the upper part of the bottle. It is always more dangerous to apply a lighter to a smoking cart than normally activate the coil by employing a USB cord. Specifically when the mouthpieces of the smoking carts are made of materials like plastic.  

What action should I take if the cart wire is not working?

Mostly, smoking carts do not work even after applying a live wire to the coil directly when there is a defect in the coil inside the vape cart or a fatal flaw in the design of the vape cart. Mostly, your cart wire trick needs to be done correctly. So, you must remember certain things while doing it to get a successful result. One point to remember is that you only require negative and positive leads within the wire. Normally these leads are black and red wire. The black wire is the positive wire which fits conveniently and snugly inside the small hole below the cartridge, and the red wire is the negative wire which rests lightly on the external metal threading.

You have to ensure no extraneous wires in the way of positive and negative leads to receiving power. A simple method is to hold the black and red wires jointly. The circuit is live when there is a part; if it does not spark, that refers to having a problem.

In most situations, the thin plastic coating on the black and red wires is shabby. Through further below the cord because of the regular use, making a circuit beneath the cord alternatively at the planned endpoint. The first step during troubleshooting while re-stripping the black and red wires to make a new connection should be cutting the top two to three inches off your cord.

Can I acquire knowledge of how to smoke a cart without a pen?

Yes, you can learn how to smoke a cart without a pen. You can smoke a cart using the android charger by the abovementioned method. However, using a vape pen to smoke a cart is recommended.