Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?

Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil

One of the hottest topics across the world remains Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil? The controversy is major because the source is the hemp plant. As CBD has been recognized for recreational and medical use, it has become legal in different parts of the country. You also might be having similar questions in mind right now like the one we stated above. Cab one use CBD while they are at work? Does it show up on a random drug screen?

And also some reports have observed that the companies are charging the drug drivers for the use of CBD products. Then the major question is again Can truck drivers use CBD oil?

We have all of the answers right here for you, but first, we shall be talking about everything related to CBD!

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

You must know that CBD oil cannot be compared to taking edibles containing THC and smoking pot. CBD oil has the least amount of THC (less than 0.3 percent) in it. Therefore this is not a psychoactive product. Mainly this means that you will not have the feeling of being “high” like when you do in case of marijuana. You will also not be experiencing symptoms of dry mouth, dizziness, and anxiety that has been normally seen when one takes marijuana.

CBD oil and other CBD products have minimal THC, this offers relief from any pain. Most of the time truck drivers suffer from issues related to the lower back. This is a common and general occupational hazard. As the laws change, a lot of people are switching towards CBD oil for the management of extreme pain. This also doesn’t have severe side effects that medicines normally have.

But the question remains are truck drivers risking their work while doing so?

Can truck drivers use CBD oil?

The answer is not a simple yes and no. We need to get into a little bit of detail. Technically, the answer is somewhere between the two extreme choices. Truck drivers can use CBD oil. But most of the time it is advised that the do inform their employer before they take the compulsory drug tests. They should also let them know why they are using it.

You also need to keep in mind, that different states have different laws regarding CBD. For instance in Nevada and Oregon CBD products are legal for recreational usage as well. One the other hand these are illegal in South Dakota and Idaho.

Further, truck drivers are federally restricted. This means that federal law still considers marihuana as a regulated drug, even though some states have legalized it. And all of the truck drivers have to follow the federal law. Mainly this means that you cannot fail a drug test. Additionally, you cannot have marijuana or any of the products related to it. This also means that CBD based products come under the same category. With the use of CBD oil, there is a higher risk for truckers and they might lose their job as well.

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CBD oil and its legality:

Now we come to the part of CBD and the legality for the truck drivers as it can be seen from varied perspectives. The positive part of this has to be looked into first. Here goes:

  1. CBD oil has therapeutic properties; this means that it can also help trick drivers for getting through the discomfort and the pain without breaking a sweat.
  2. The CBD oil use and some other cannabidiol have been legalized in some of the states. This means that if the truck driver resides in a specific state, they can be free for using CBD oil.
  3. The third and vital one is the possibility that the truck driver can get clearance from the establishment company before they use the product.

Challenges of using CBD oil by truck drivers:

The answer to being able to use CBD oil is not a perfect yes or no specifically for truck drivers. The reason being as cannabidiol itself has been considered illegal when we talk about the federal level. Therefore using products like CBD and others related might be considered and treated as unlawful in such states. 

Therefore, truck drivers must make sure that they are residing in or working in an area that has legalized the usage of CBD oil. This way, there will be something for reclining back in case the federal authorities start clamping down the CBD oil usage.

Additionally, the truck drivers that are working on an interstate basis might be allowed for using CBD oil and can have a truck. On the other side, in case the engagement rules of truck drivers on the duty designation at a regional basis consider, using CBD oil can be considered as illegal. 

Above everything, the truck drivers should be using CBD oil or medical or recreational purpose and then some specific factors can be observed. Some of them are:

  1. No more than 0.3 percent of THC content must be present in the product.
  2. The drivers should ensure that THC present in CBD oil is verifiable, even though the quantity can be different for a different website.
  3. The truck driver should tell the employers of CBD oil usage to the employers.

Can truck drivers use hemp oil?

Hemp oil has no traces of THC or any cannabinoids. Therefore, this is safe for consumption, regardless of the kind of job you have. Hemp oil is mainly used in the food industry.

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Can truck drivers use CBD oil? Will this trigger a positive result while drug testing?

Although most of the CBD oils do claim that they are 100 percent pure, and have no THC there is one thing that you should understand. It is almost impossible to remove even the slightest traces of THC in the oil. So the purest CBD isolates also have the traces of HC in them. Theoretically, this means that you might test positive for a drug test. It doesn’t matter if you are using this for pain management or relief.

Also, drug testing and analysis cannot be differentiated for marijuana or THC that is present in CBD oil. Therefore you won’t be able to prove if you had been using this for medicinal and legal aid.

What are the CBD products that one can use:

Undeniably all CBD products have THC traces present. If you don’t want to try CBD oil, there are some other interesting products that you can try. These will also give you health benefits and might also scale through random drug tests. Also, try using the CBD products that are not just full spectrum, but also are easy for consumption.

Can truck drivers use CBD oil and what should be done?

So you might have got the idea of some facts related to CBD oil from above. But then what are the options left for the truck drivers. There are many other options for the truck drivers that intend on using CBD oil.

  1. You have to inform the employers in case you are suffering from medical challenges or ailment for which you are using CBD oil.
  2. Second is ensuring that the CBD oil that you buy comes from a reputed company.
  3. Always follow the laws on the state that you are in. So only use CBD oil in states that have legalized it.

A wise tip:

So what is the answer to Can truck drivers use CBD oil? The probability of being tested for THC while you are on CBD oil is low. Although risks can’t be denied and therefore you need to make an informed decision on of the benefits will be outweighing the risk. If you had been looking for a reliable product then you can check out our website for more product reviews!

What to do if you are tested false positive for the drug test?

One of the first things that you must do is talking to your employer. You can take all of the documents from the doctor so that you can address the fact that you are taking CBD oil for a specific health issue.

In case this does not work, you can consult your HR department. You can ask what you must do about it. They will be able to help you in the case of CBD, which is not the case when you take marijuana. In case it had been weeks since you consumed the last CBD oil dosage and still tested positive. You can ask for a retest as well.

Final Thoughts on can truck drivers use CBD oil?

Although there are several health benefits of using CBD oil, the usage by truck drivers can be risky. Therefore, one may get false positive in the random drug test. If you have to use it, make sure that you are aware of the exact content of the CBD oil. Read the label of the product very well. This will make sure that you are using a quality product. Also, make sure that you do proper research while buying CBD oil. Make sure you are asking the brand-specific questions that can affect your profession. These questions can be THC levels, source and the dosage recommended for your specific ailment.