Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon

Charlotte's Web CBD Oil Amazon
Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon


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About The Brand

Do you know about Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon? Well, in case you don’t you are probably living under a rock, as the company is here for several years. Read on so that you get all of the details that you need regarding how the brand has revolutionized the CBD world and how they sell the products.

A quick summary of Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon:

Here are some of the pros and cons, in case you just want to get an idea about the brand:


  1. The CBD oil quality is impeccable.
  2. The hemp is grown in Organ in farms that are non-GMO.
  3. One can get some amazing veteran discounts on the website as well.
  4. There are no dyes or any kinds of additives in the CBD oil.
  5. This is a family run business.
  6. The range of products is huge.
  7. They offer free shipping for all of the orders in the US.


  1. The pet products from the range have limited potency.

If you are looking for some good quality products, we recommend visiting their official website. Here you can see edibles, topical, oils and a lot more! 

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon: Full Review

Over some years, there has been the emergence of countless brands that have come up with CBD products. For a customer in search of quality products, this can be very confusing. And it gets impossible for making a selection of the brand.

Most of the companies that have been able to survive are because of the ability to constantly come up with new products And choosing a specific brand is almost n impossible task for the company.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon is one such brand. One can understand the brand as being the grandfather of the CBD industry or like then call themselves as nature’s stewards. Any of these titles go accurately.

The brand had gained popularity because of the Charlotte Figi miracle story. She was a young girl whose life had been saved because of CBD oil usage. Although the company has been able to hold its reputation because of the high quality and impressive range of products that it has to offer.

But we cannot go ahead with the brand review till we check on the history that made them CBD pioneers. For being clear one can say that Charlotte’s webs had not started as one brand at all. All of this had begun with Stanley’s brother wanting to offer legitimate assistance for the people that are need of healing through cannabis. And this is the way that the story of the brand moved ahead.

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Who Is Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon? (Everything you should know)

The brothers are from Colorado that is the cannabis epicenter. The company had wanted to try the new genetically selected cannabis oil extracts. This was because the THC content was low and the CBD was high in the product. And this led them towards Charlotte Figi.

From the time she was born, Charlotte had suffered from the rare epilepsy disease that was causing over a hundred seizures every week. And, CBD oil by Stanley brothers had reduced the frequency of seizures drastically, to about a few in a month.

After the point where the cultivation of commercial hemp had been widespread in Colorado, the Stanley brothers saw an opportunity for bringing the CBD hemp extract that is genetically selected for people in the USA. And this is where the brand Charlotte’s web had come to existence.

Unfortunately, she passed away this year. But her legacy is going to continue for nurturing the brand and the industry that she had inspired. They had extreme experience in cannabis cultivation and had made their objective of producing high-quality CBD products in the country.

Hemp does have negligible THC content. But the strains can be selected genetically for containing a high amount of CBD in them. And this was the strategy that the Stanley brothers followed. By extracting the CBD oil from the hemp than marijuana, they had made the CBD oils and products for people that were in need without the requirement of medical cannabis card.

And keep in mind that Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon is legit. There is no doubt about the fact that they are the best in the business as they offer high-quality products. Read on our complete review on Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon for making sure that you are aware of the specifications about the brand and the products.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon Highlights: Why you should choose them?

1. Spirit of the community:

Well, when we talk about the support for the greater community, the brand has set an example for others. They proudly support veterans. For example, they are offering great discounts on all of the products. And you need to know that veterans are folks that require CBD more than anybody else. This shows the philosophy of the brand and what it stands for.

2. Reward Programs:

In case you aren’t a veteran, and still need to save money, you can go for the reward program them offer. So each time you collect 100 points you get store credit in real amounts. Also, just a normal interaction of joining their mailing list will help you earn 50 points at once.

3. Quality over anything else:

The company had mentioned on the website that they source CBD from the best farms in Colorado. This had not remained a secret and is the main reason for success. From day one, they have been striving hard for harnessing all of the goodness that comes from the CBD rich hemp cultivator.

4. Transparency with lab reports:

Are you skeptical about product quality? They can be reassured of the products that this company offers and the reports can be seen on the website. This also means that you can go on the official website and take a look at the report for the specific product that you are interested in. This will give you information on the chemical compounds that are present in them. This does sound trustworthy right?

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon: The products that the company specialize in:

There is a lot more than this brand offers over the iconic CBD oil that they have been known for. Over some years, the company had dedicated unlimited resources for producing the entire range of new products that are exciting as well!

This also includes some of the products that claim that CBD gummies can be used for sleep, capsules, and isolates that are THC free. They have also made CBD drops that can be used specifically for your furry friends.

Besides the company also offer product range in bundle and bulk options. This helps the customer to save a lot of money when they place an order for a high quantity. So let us go deeper into each of the products for observing exactly what the company offers the customers.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon: CBD Oil

This is without a doubt the signature product, offered by the company. Their range of CBD oil is full spectrum. This means that they use some of the other phytochemicals apart from the CBD present. The product is available to the customer in four flavor variants. These are orange blossoms, twists, olive oil, and mint chocolate. These are also available in varied strengths and you can choose as per your requirements:

  1. 7mg
  2. 17mg
  3. 50 mg
  4. 60 mg.

These are for 1 ml serving. You can select any of these in bottle sizes of 30 ml-100 ml. We recommend using 60 mg variant only if the ones on lower dosage hasn’t been working for you.

As CBD can be an expensive product the company has also introduced a range of starter sizes. These range from 17 mg to 60 mg oil. This is also great for people that have just begun with trying the premium quality oil. Another great thing is that these CBD oils taste great. And when you buy it in bundles you can save so much of the money.

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Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon: CBD Isolate Oil

In case you need to have CBD oil but want isolates, the brand has heard you. They have combined both of these. The 30 ml of the product contains 20 mg of CBD in it. Isolates mainly focus on single cannabinoids. This case specifically has CBD that it’s best known for.

With this, we also mean that the oil does not have over 13 parts/million of THC in it. In simple words, the product is THC free. And as this is unflavored, people that enjoy the earthy flavors.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon: Capsules

In case you don’t like CBD oils and still looking for a way to reap the health benefits. You can go for the capsules offered by the brand. This is a great alternative and there are 2 variants available:

  1. 15 mg/ capsule.
  2. 25 mg/ capsule.

You can go for anyone of these and the options for capsule count are 30, 60, and 90. You can take one or 2 capsules per day, depending on your requirements. The company has gone ahead with the need for providing phenomenal quality CBD products.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon: CBD Gummies

This is one product that the brand has put so much effort into. They have divided the gummies into three parts. They are presently selling three gummy products:

  1. For sleep: CBD gummies in Raspberry flavors. (Contains 3 mg of melatonin)
  2. For recovery: Ginger flavored gummies. ( contains gummer and turmeric that’s anti-inflammatory)
  3. For calmness: CBD gummies in Lemon and lime flavor. ( contains L-theanine for promoting relaxation)

Each bottle contains 60 gummies and in each gummy, there is 10 mg of product.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon: Topicals

Topical is a great way for benefiting from CBD infusions. The company has a huge range of these and they have 5 topical available that are hemp-infused.

  1. Roll-On
  2. Cream (it has Vitamin B5, Coconut Oil, Aloe,)
  3. Hemp-infused Balm
  4. Balm Stick
  5. Balm Stick Cooling Gel

All of these products do contain, CBD in them. The cost of the products ranges from $14.99 to $ 30 and you can go for the one as per your aim of usage.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon: CBD for Dogs

When it comes to your lovable pet dog, the product variety search gets difficult. And usually, companies sell just one product for pets. But this is not the case with Charlotte’s web and they are here with a solution for you. There are 5 products that they have made especially for your pet.

  1. Full-Spectrum Hemp Drops w/ CBD 17mg
  2. Calming Chews
  3. Hip and Joint Chews
  4. Chews for Senior Dogs
  5. Hemp-Infused Balm

This is such a relief to see a company developing pet-focused products that specifically supports joints and hip. You can buy the chews for $ 19.99 for 30 and $ 34.99 for 60 chews.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon: CBD Bundles

This is mainly for the people that are looking ahead for making great savings. You can try varied products or stock up the ones that are your favorite! There are more than 20 combinations in their online store.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon: Customer Service

This is the one specific area that we feel needs a little bit of improvement. Although the customer care team is helpful the product shipping takes a bit longer than some of the other brands. It can take around 13 to 20 days for your product to arrive. In this case, we advise that you place your order slightly earlier than the time you would normally need it.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Amazon: Final words

There is no doubt that this is the real deal! The brand has been working hard for helping people to get hemp products that they can use for treating and managing specific issues. They offer the best product in the market for sure.

The website is filled with some amazingly positive reviews. This speaks volumes. Certainly, their products can help you with better focus on everyday work. We hope our detailed review must have helped you and you can make a wise choice.

Charlotte’s Web

  • Wide variety of options
  • 0% THC option
  • Affordable prices


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