Can You Smoke Lavender? Benefits, Risks, and Safety

Can You Smoke Lavender Benefits, Risks, and SafetyCan You Smoke Lavender

We are a little concerned about our health when it comes to smoking. But none of us can deny that smoking can give us a little relaxation. Now it is one of the oldest practices, and over a while, people have identified multiple methods of smoking. But the question is, do these relaxations worth our health? Well, the answer is no. Smoking, especially tobacco; many studies show that tobacco consumption can give us several health diseases, including cancer. On the other hand, it is extremely addictive, which is why people still consume tobacco even after knowing it can harm them.

But it is not like if you have ever been addicted to something harmful, you have continued with it for your entire life. Many people are constantly fighting against tobacco with their amazing ideas. And one of those amazing ideas is the inhalation of lavender. Yes, it is the same lavender we use for our skin and the smell. Now lavender is quite famous for its medicinal use and versatility. And now another feather has been added to the crown of lavender: it can be used as a smoking object. You can replace it with anything causing addiction or mix it with your regular product to reduce the side effects. Now, you may be wondering how can you smoke lavender. Let us starts from the very basic.

From Where the Idea of Smoking Lavender Comes?

The Use of Lavender is extremely ancient. You will find the name in the Egyptian papyrus and Old Testament. Now when people are using lavender for smoking, we are still determining. But the ingredient was used from the very ancient time. You may not know that queen Elisabeth used lavender to make tea. She used it to treat her frequent migraines and perfume. The ingredient was deliberately used for its smell in different skin care products and perfumes. And recently, it is also used in different edibles and smoking products for its unlimited benefits. But here we are discussing the benefits of lavender and the question, “can you smoke lavender as a substitute for other smoking objects.”

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Is Lavender a Good Substitute for Other Products?

Now before we give you an answer to the question, can you smoke lavender as a substitute for other smoking products? Let me tell you one thing. Here we are talking about lavender, which we use as a herb. But there is another product available on the market, which is known as Lavender Kush. It is derived from a Marijuana strain.

When it comes to smoking, the herb is very beneficial because it has almost 100 compounds that can provide multiple benefits. But it does not have nicotine or THC that causes high while you consume tobacco or marijuana. Marijuana may give you some benefits, but it can raise addiction if you do not use it wisely. And we all know how addictive tobacco and nicotine can be. On the other hand, lavender does not contain harmful intoxicating agents, has a wonderful smell, and has multiple health benefits. It can be the best choice if you are trying to reduce your smoking habit. Knowing the question, “can you smoke lavender” is not enough. Do you need to know, even if you can smoke, why would you do that? And are there any toxic elements in the lavender that can provide you the same comfort as tobacco or marijuana?

What Makes Smoking Lavender So Special?

Lavender is a special ingredient for its smell and antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiaging properties. On the other hand, just like any herb, it contains an unlimited amount of nutrients. Now nutrients are not the properties that make it so special. You may know that many of us are fighting addiction, but due to a lack of strong alternatives and secure methods, people often need help to stick to their decision. Lavender is very effective for fighting stress and anxiety. And people who use tobacco or marijuana also use them to fight anxiety and stress. And in addition, it will give you several health benefits without harming the body.

Is It Safe to Smoke Lavender?

Now the question is lavender safe, or can you smoke lavender safely? Well, if we judge carefully, we will find that lavender has some toxic agents in it. But those agents are not that harmful or addiction-promoting. But like every other natural ingredient, lavender is extremely powerful, and reckless consumption can cause a few health issues. But even in that case also, lavender will not harm your body. Here is a list of reasons we can give on behalf of Lavender-smoking.

  • It does not promote addiction or intoxication.
  • Lavender has multiple nutrients that are beneficial to health.
  • Unlike Tobacco or Marijuana, it will not harm kids (Although it does not allow you to smoke in front of the kids).
  • It will not give you a high.
  • Under no condition will you be exposed to cancer or other health diseases.
  • Even if you are smoking, you will get all the benefits and nutrients of lavender.

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Regarding safety, pure smoking lavender will not promote any side effects. But if you are using lavender, combining it with other addictive products like tobacco or marijuana can cause harmful effects.

Will Smoking Lavenders Give You Some Benefits?

As we said, lavender is a powerful herb that can benefit you. And you may already know about the benefits if you use it externally. But here, the question is; can you smoke lavender? And what will be the benefits that you will receive if you inhale lavender? Here is a list.

1. Reduce Pain

Lavender has several nutritional properties that reduce chronic body pain and headache. In most cases, people use morphine to reduce pain. Some people also use marijuana as a natural alternative to morphine. But it is not a good choice for those who are abundant from high, besides marijuana can be addictive if you do not use them wisely. In this situation, lavender can be a good alternative.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Objects

Lavender has a high amount of linalool which is an anti-inflammatory chemical. It can provide maximum benefits for several health issues related to inflammation.

3. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The use of lavender is an ancient process that worked as a stress-relieving product. No matter how much stress you are going through, lavender can relax your mind instantly. And those who are going through anxiety can get the best benefits from it. Even if you smell the perfume of lavender, it will work quickly.

4. Help You to Sleep

Are you one of those who spend sleepless nights and smoke to get rid of loneliness? Then maybe the question, “can you smoke lavender” will give you the maximum benefits. Lavender can instantly calm your nerve, and after smoking lavender, you will fall asleep quickly.

5. Help You to Get a Beautiful Skin

Lavender has beauty agents that can give you several benefits regarding the skin. You can use it directly on the skin or use lavender for smoking. Consumption of edibles that contain lavender will also give you the same benefit. It will reduce your acne, blemishes, signs of aging, dryness, and dullness.

6. Effectively Works on Blood Pressure

Many of us have high blood pressure, which increases our heart rate. Now you may not know that inhaling the fragrance of Lavender during this situation will give you potential benefits. The use of lavender pretty famous since ancient times as a method of aroma therapy.

7. It Helps with Menopause and the Menstrual Period

During Menstrual Period and Menopause, women face several mental issues like mood swinging, overeating, anxiety, depression, irritability, etc. Lavender is very beneficial during this situation.

8. Helps in Quitting Smoking and Drinking

Many people fight every day to quit smoking and drinking. Tobacco and alcohol are both addictive, and too much consumption can increase the risk of several health diseases like cancer, heart issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, nervousness, and many more. On the other hand, lavender smoking will help you to get rid of using tobacco and drinking alcohol without putting extra stress on yourself.

9. Give You the Same Happiness

When we smoke, the molecules present in tobacco and marijuana reach the receptor system through the lungs. And after reaching the brain, it releases dopamine that gives us the effect of temporary happiness and relaxes our mind. When we smoke lavender, it reduces stress and relaxes our minds in the same way.

These are some of the benefits that we get from smoking lavender. Now getting the answer to the question, “can you smoke lavender?” is not enough if it is risky. Smoking herbs is a beneficial alternative for those who want to quit smoking, but you have to be sure that the option is not risky for your health.

Is There Any Risk of Smoking Lavender?

Lavender itself may not be risky if you consume 80 to 160 mg daily. But if you are combined with other addictive agents, then it can be risky. In many cases, Smokers use the mix of cannabis and lavender together to get the benefits and high together, but it can also harm you. However, if the cannabis you are using has less than 0.3% THC or no THC, it will not harm you or give you an effect of high.

Does Lavender Promotes Addiction?

Now, if you are consuming Lavender only then, it will not promote addiction. It is because lavender does not contain any intoxicating objects. Now, as a natural ingredient, it has some toxic elements like present in it. The most dominant component present in lavender are terpinene-4-ol, linalool, acetate lavandulol, ocimene, cineole, and linalyl acetate. None of this has any additive traits. So, at any cost, it will not give you addiction or high. But if you combine the product with another product, it can behave like the respective product.

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What Types of Lavender Can You Consume?

We have a whole list if you eagerly want to know if you can smoke lavender and how you can smoke lavender. But before you choose the method, you need to determine why you want to smoke lavender.

1. Lavender Joints

Many people who want to quit the use of tobacco use lavender. They buy pure lavender, roll it in the paper like a joint, and inhale the smoke by heating it. Many people also use it in the bong, which is an easier option.

2. Lavender Spliffs

Many manufacturers now sell lavender spliff rolls, a combination of cannabis and lavender. It looks like cigarettes with the smell of lavender and high of cannabis.

3. Lavender Blunts

It is also a kind of Roll but larger in shape that contain an equal amount of cannabis and lavender.

4. Lavender Oil

Many people try to inhale Lavender oil or consume it, but the process is harmful, and at any cost, you should not use it. (We added it to the list because people often use oil to inhale, and by adding it here, we want to make you aware of the horrible effect of inhaling lavender oil.)

These are the most common use of lavender. And by now, you may have gotten the answer to the question, “can you smoke lavender?” But along with every other information, we want to tell you who can smoke lavender.

Can Everyone Inhale Lavender?

Lavender may give you several benefits and help you quit smoking or drinking, but we cannot deny that it has some toxic elements. And smoking lavender is not a healthy alternative for pregnant women or lactating mothers. Again, if you are under 21, you must now consume any smoking object at any cost. Again, if you have some allergy to lavender, you should not consume lavender. But those who cannot smoke tobacco or marijuana due to medication or health issues can use lavender freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much lavender can I consume every day?

80 to 160 mg of lavender is appropriate for an adult.

Can smoking lavender help me quit smoking?

If you are using pure lavender, then it may help you quit tobacco, smoking, or drinking alcohol. But if you are mixing it with some other product, it will not help you.

Final Words

Now Smoking lavender does not mean you can use the one that grows in your backyard. The lavender you can use is industrially grown in a controlled atmosphere and in an organic way. So instead of buying it from a florist or getting it from the backyard, make sure you are buying from the manufacturers. There are a few manufacturers who sell high-quality dried lavender. Make sure you buy from them. Knowing “can you smoke lavender?” is not enough; ensure you follow the right method and buy them from a reliable seller.