Certo drug test hack: Does it work for marijuana drug tests?

Certo drug test hack

When it comes to drug tests, we all get a little concerned about the result. No matter if you have taken it once or a few times a week, the trace of THC will stay in your blood for several hours or weeks. But there is another fact that no one wants to show that they use marijuana. However, people not only use it to get elevation, but sometimes they use it for the benefits. Rules are rules, and we all have to follow them at any cost unless we know how to cheat the test and divert the drug test. And that is why we are here to give you information regarding the Certo drug test hack. The method is easy, harmless, and only requires regular edible products.

What is Certo? Does a Home Remedy Work?

Certo is fruit pectin that people use to remove the trace of marijuana from the body. When we consume marijuana, no matter what we use, it stays there for a week, a month, or several months. And if you do not detox your liver and entire body, the drug will be seen in the trust. Now the question is if it works or not. Well, though, there is no scientific proof for that. But people who use marijuana often claim that Certo fruit pectin helps them to detox their bodies and pass the drug tests. It is an old process that people used earlier to remove the trace of marijuana. And it has become so popular that more and more people are using this home method. Yes, it is a home remedy, and Certo fruit pectin is mostly used to create delicious cooked product.

Can Certo Fruit Pectin Remove Marijuana from The Body?

Different sources from the internet suggest the process of certo drug test hack. When it comes to cannabis, we can note that the metabolite process of cannabis is quite different from other drugs. Marijuana contains THC, the main chemical shown in the drug test. Consuming Certo Fruit Pectin in a particular method removes the drug metabolites from different body organs. After consumption, THC can stay in our urine, bloodstream, saliva, and hair for several days. And the drug test mostly focuses on these particular sources to collect the trace. It happens because THC tends to stay in our bodies as a form of fat.

Over time the THC is gradually removed from the body through sweat, saliva, and urine. However, the process depends on the number of weeds you have consumed and how many times you have consumed it. If you have used it once or twice, the trace will be removed from the body within a few weeks, but if you are taking them constantly, it can take a few months after the last consumption.

Why You Need To Use The Hack?

Now the topic is controversial as the use of marijuana is controversial. Several studies suggest that marijuana can provide several health benefits reducing stress and anxiety, helping with pain, headaches, and obesity, preventing major health issues, regulating insulin levels in the body, preventing certain types of cancer, and helping with pain during cancer treatment.

But most people use marijuana to get sleep. On the other hand, the psychoactive effect of marijuana makes it one of the most reliable mediums of intoxication. However, no matter how many benefits marijuana provides, it is still not a legal method, and only a few states in the USA allow people to consume marijuana privately. So, when it comes to marijuana-related people belonging to lawsuits, the medical industry, games, worked in any department in the government, are not allowed to consume marijuana. And in any circumstance, if you ever have to take a drug test, then you can use this certo drug test hack to get rid of it. Before we tell you if the hack works for every type of drug test, let me tell you how long it has stayed in your system.

For How Long Does Marijuana Stays in Our System?

When it comes to weed or marijuana, several things matter. THC, the chemical compound of marijuana, is extremely strong and can stay in your system for many months. However, the time depends on a few factors, which we will discuss later. But first, you need to know from which place the trace of THC can be detected.

1. Blood

According to the Drug and Alcohol Information and Support Ireland, a trace of THC can stay in your blood for 2 to 3 days. But depending on how often you have used marijuana in a week, the THC can stay in your blood for up to 25 days.

2. Saliva

A Saliva Drug test is one of the most common methods to detect the THC in the body. THC can stay in saliva for 24 to 72 hours after the last consumption.

3. Urine

The most common and almost certain method to detect THC in your body. And certo drug test hack can work best if you are going through a drug test. Depending on how often you have consumed the marijuana, THC’s appearance can vary in your urine. Here is the list of levels and the appearance time.

  • One time

If you have used it once, it will stay in the urine for up to 3 days.

  • Four Time

If you have used it at least four times a week, the THC will be there for five to seven days after you have used it for the last time.

  • Every Day

If you are a regular user after your last consumption, the trace will stay in your urine for ten to fifteen days.

  • Multiple Times; Every Day

If you are a chain smoker and consume marijuana twice or thrice a day, then the trace of THC can stay there for 30 days in your body.

5. Hair Follicle

The method is only so common if the situation is crucial. THC is often rich in the hair follicle through the bloodstream and stays there for 90 days. Because of the uncertain result, the testing labs often avoid the method. THC can get into your hair follicles even if you get in touch with someone who smokes marijuana. So, you do not have to worry; it is the last method that will be used against you.

Now, returning to the main subject, the “certo drug test hack.” Now here a question arrives; does certo work for drug tests even if you smoke regularly?

Well, it depends. If you are a heavy smoker or use it quite a few times a week, then the best thing you can do is reduce the consumption and take it 2 to 3 hours before the test. Because the effect of Certo will only last for 5 hours, you will give us details about the process but let us know about the factors that affect the presents of marijuana in the body.

Common Factor That Effects Marijuana’s Presence in the System?

The question is not how long marijuana stays there but what factors make it stay there. Here is the list.

1. BMI

BMI or body mass index, which is the body fat in simple words, can affect the trace of marijuana. The less metabolic power you have and the higher your body mass, the more it will store the THC in the body.

2. Gender

Women’s BMI is higher than men’s, which is why the trace of THC stays in the female body for a long time.

3. Genes

Few people have high metabolic power and can throw out the THC from the body quicker than others.

4. Number of Use Per Week

As we said, the days could vary depending on how often you have used it in a week.

5. Method of Consumption

If you smoke marijuana, it will stay in your blood for a few hours. But if you eat edibles that contain marijuana, then it can stay in your intestine for a long time.

Certo Method Is It a Myth or A Truth?

The Certo drug test hack can be a myth for a few people, but many users have reviewed the method and received genuine results. But in that case, you have to follow the method properly. But before we tell you about the method, it is necessary to determine if the hack is a myth or legit. Certo masks the trace of THC in the body for a few hours. In most cases, the test result is determined depending on your urine’s appearance, temperature, colour, and consistency. But pathologists may test the toxin level of the urine in some cases.

Now to divert the test result, you must reduce the consumption best if you stop smoking it until the test occurs. Use our below-mentioned method to consume Certo and much water. If you are a heavy smoker, make sure you consume the Certo drink without vitamin B3 and Backing soda during this time.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Using Certo and Pass the Test

Certo fruit pectin is a processed food product we use to create jellies. But here, we will use the certo drug test hack to divert the test result.

For the Recipe

  • Take 64 ounces of the product, which will be 2 packs.
  • One gallon of water.
  • Vitamin B2 tablets, multivitamin tablets.
  • Creatine monohydrate.
  • One litter of Electrolyte Drinks like Gatorade.


  • Mix Gatorade and one pack of Certo in a bottle and shake well. Once it is mixed properly, it will get thicker.

That is the main process you must do each time you consume Certo Fruit Pectin.

Consumption Process

  • After making the mixture consume it within 15 minutes.
  • Drink the gallon of water three hours before the test occurs.
  • Take another bottle of the mixture.
  • In between, take vitamin tablets and creatine.

Now let’s know what the ingredients will do for us.

  • Certo fruit pectin will provide you with a high amount of fiber.
  • Water will help you urinate several times before the test occurs and remove toxins and traces of THC from the body.
  • Vitamin B2 will help you maintain the urine’s normal color.
  • Multivitamins will provide minerals and vitamins in the body and appropriate biochemical dilution.
  • Consuming the creatine will current creatinine dilution in the urine.
  • Gatorade will increase the electrolytes.

Make sure the entire work has been done properly within five hours. And before you take the test, drink as much as possible and urinate as often as possible. If five hours have already passed, then repeat the entire method. But if you are a regular user, reduce the consumption, repeat the process a few times before the test and avoid the vitamin tablets.

Is There Any Drawback of the Method?

The certo drug test hack will not work properly if the test has few hours left. Again, if you have a certain type of health condition and going through medication, then both marijuana and Certo can be harmful to you. For people with constipation, diarrhea, and other types of gastrointestinal problems then, the method is not so appropriate. If you are using liquid marijuana, then the certo drug test hack will not work for you.

Common Questions People Asked About Certo?

Does Certo work if I smoke regularly?

The THC will stay in your system for at least 25 days after the last consumption. If you follow the method properly, it will work for you, but make sure you stop consuming marijuana and use the certo drug test hack multiple times before the test occurs.

Can Certo hack pass any drug test?

Users’ reviews suggest that the certo drug test hack mostly works for blood and urine tests. But there is no scientific evidence. But we are still determining if the process will work for other drug tests.

Final Verdict

As we repeatedly said, the real hack will work if you combine the method with other processes. The other two processes are reducing the consumption of marijuana and drinking much water. The certo drug test hack will work best for those who pass the urine drug test. However, people may need clarification on whether a jello product will even work for them. In that case, you can take a test following the method and take a test from a regular pathology lab. That will clear your doubt without harming your body because everything used in this method is edible products we use daily.