Does Weed Help with Tooth Pain?

Does Weed Help with Tooth Pain

When it comes to Cannabis, many studies show different results. Some of them claimed that they are sedative, and some of them said they are psychoactive. In both cases, one thing is clear they have some benefits for human and animal health. Now many people using cannabis products like weeds, CBD, hemp, delta-9, and delta-8 claim that after starting consumption, they feel more energetic, relaxed and focused on their life. Different studies also prove their demands. It is because, along with addictive properties, some cannabis contains a high amount of nutrients which are extremely beneficial for our health.

Now FDA also approved the consumption of weed as legal. They are extremely beneficial for stress, anxiety, body pain etc. Especially concerning body pain, weed can give you the maximum benefits. But still, many people are confused about one thing: does weed help with tooth pain? The result cannot be determined in a single sentence. Especially when the potential for weeds is so much, and many studies are yet to reveal. Anyway, let’s understand the subject from the basics.

Reason for Tooth Pain

Toothache does not cause suddenness; regular ignorance, not maintaining hygiene, and not going through the proper medication and checkups can cause tooth pain. On the other hand, the appearance of wisdom teeth, cold and flu, and massive headaches can also cause tooth pain. But among all, a few situations can cause tooth pain. Here is the list of those issues.

  • Tooth Decay

It is also known as a cavity. When food particles get stored between the teeth for many days, they cause tooth decay. In this situation, a small hole appears in the tooth and continuously grows and causes pain.

  • Infection

Different types of bacteria can infect the root, gum and teeth. These bacteria cause infection on the root, swollen gums, and cause massive pain. If you are also thinking, how does weed help with tooth pain? Then let me tell you that some of the weed has antibacterial properties which can kill this type of bacteria.

  • Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth can only appear twice or thrice in our entire life, but when it appears, they can give us the hardest time. And if weed can reduce other types of body pain, it can also reduce wisdom tooth pain.

  • Gum disease

You can also experience periodontal disease with is commonly known as gum disease. It happens because of poor dental hygiene and can cause redness, bleeding, pain, swelling, bad smell etc.

Along with these four common issues, injury or trauma, teeth grinding, an abnormal bite, and headache can cause tooth pain. Now let’s find the relationship between pain and weed and in any situation does weed help with tooth pain or not.

Relationship Between Tooth Pain and Weed

When we tried to know does weed help with tooth pain? We first focused on the relationship between tooth pain and weed. But instead of focusing on this particular matter, we should focus on Weed, Cannabis and the properties present in weed. Now studies, testimonials and reviews show that different types of Cannabis have different minerals, vitamins and other properties. All these things are extremely beneficial for pain, bacteria that cause pain in teeth. Besides, weed can also help you sleep no matter how much pain you go through. On the other hand, nutrients like calcium and magnesium strengthen the teeth, which provides benefits in the long run.

What Do Studies Suggest About Weed?

Not many studies answer the question: does weed help with tooth pain? But different studies show the benefits of Cannabis or weeds. When it comes to Cannabis, the most common property found in them is CBD and THC. Now weed contain more THC than other cannabis plants. But triple filtration and proper research can reduce the THC from Weed. As a result, the chance of side effects that THC provides can be controlled. Now along with THC, Weed also contains a good portion of CBD. You may or may not know, but it is CBD that provides benefits to us. And no matter what method you use, it will benefit you. Now according to studies, Cannabis can provide multiple benefits here are some of them.

  • CBD contains multiple nutrients like vitamin B complex, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and iron. When CBD provides all these properties, we automatically get benefits.
  • THC reduce stress and anxiety and helps with depression.
  • It also helps people to sleep.
  • In different cases, consumption of Cannabis with a control strain can help to reduce the risk of cancer, different heart diseases, mental disorders, arthritis and many more.

But as we these are all based on some of the studies. But many experts also say that these are hypotheses, while others claim the benefits. However, in both cases, one thing proved that the potential of Weed and Cannabis is huge.

How Does THC Provide Benefits for Tooth Pain?

Now, as we said, the potential of weed is huge. And weed contains THC and CBD; both are extremely beneficial for pain. Many of us face wisdom toothache. You will get some benefits if you use thc for wisdom tooth pain. Because THC has been proven to reduce chronic pain and acute pain. And multiple reviews suggest that Cannabis is also applicable for tooth-related issues like wisdom pain, bacterial infections, gingivitis, dental cavities, abscesses, inflammation, dental and oral cancer and anxiety. Along with THC, it also contains CBD and which has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve toothache.

Other Cannabis Products for Tooth Pain

Now though our main focus is on vapes, we cannot deny that there are many other Cannabis products available that can also help with tooth pain. For example, CBD gummies, delta-8 and delta-9 shots, delta-9 flowers, leaves and stems, unsweetened hard candies, and oils containing CBD can benefit. And if you want to use cbd for tooth pain, choose the oil because it can quickly reach the respiratory system. Oil can start working within 15 to 30 minutes after consumption, while other edibles can start working within 30 to 60 minutes. But above all, the best benefit that provides is vapes.

Why Is Vape More Beneficial for Pain?

Vape is the most common way to consume weed and get the maximum benefits. The vapour you inhale during consumption contains a high amount of all the nutrients. THC in the vape is quickly mixed with the bloodstream and can send chemical information to the nerves. The action triggers pleasure, memory, and feel-good feelings that help us forget the pain for a while. On the other hand, there are few properties present in the infused weed that reduce pain-related sensitivity. That means if you are wondering does smoking weed help with wisdom tooth pain, you have to consider all these facts regarding vapes. For example, the properties it carries, the process of consumption and the way it inserts into the bloodstream.

Do Weeds Have Any Nutrient Value?

There was a time when weed was only considered the method of intoxication that could make you high for a little time. But several studies show that certain types of Cannabis contain a huge amount of nutrients. The main product of CBD and THC. CBD contain unlimited nutrients like Vitamin B6, B12, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, iron, folate, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, and Omega 6. And no matter what method you use, it will provide you with all the nutrients. And those looking for the answer to the question: does weed help with tooth pain? And wondering how it works, then here is the answer. The nutrients present in the weed can treat anybody’s pain, including toothache.

What Are the Other Benefits of Weeds?

Weed soothes pain and relieves stress and anxiety, providing several other benefits. For example, it is extremely beneficial for sleep; if you cannot sleep because of pain, weed will surely make you sleep. Again, weed provides several nutrients that reduce nutrient deficiency.

Again, if you consume weed to get high, then let me tell you, weed is way better than cigarettes and alcohol. Alcohol can damage your liver and kidney and increase your cholesterol level. On the other hand, cigarette smoking can cause lung and oral cancer. While weeds prevent these diseases rather than provide you with the nutrient that helps all the organ function properly. And it also gives you the effect of high.

In addition, it lifts your mood, provides energy, and helps you focus on things properly. Coming back to the main topic, does weed help with tooth pain? Weed is mostly infused with terpenes that have antibacterial properties. These antibacterial properties remove the bacteria that cause infection in the gum and teeth.

Is It Safe to Consume Weeds for Tooth Pain?

Though different studies do not provide any specific result regarding weed and tooth pain, as we said, reviews and testimonial shows different results. Now along with the question, does weed help with tooth pain? Another question arrives if the consumption of weed is safe. Well, weed consumption is relatively safer than any other method of intoxication.

The main property that gives us high is THC. Now the human body can consume only 0.3% of THC. So, no matter what form of Cannabis you consume or what method you use, if it has less THC, then it is safe. However, many other studies suggest that taking weed vapes can cause different teeth-related problems, like decaying the enamels, staining the teeth, and storing the plaque around the teeth. But these problems can appear if you use weed regularly for several years.

Who Can Consume Weeds?

Weed is extremely strong and has certain types of toxic properties. You can face several issues if you are not using the finest weeds or a reliable dealer. Now because of the presence of THC, weeds should not be consumed by everyone. For example, pregnant or new parents cannot consume weed because the smoke can affect their child or promote several complications in their pregnancy.

Second, if you are under 21, you are not allowed to consume weeds. And consumption of weed before 21 can cause several health-related issues, and you can get into legal trouble. Again, people going through major health issues should not consume weed as it can increase the effect of that disease. However, several studies show that patients with cancer or a high cancer risk benefit from weed consumption.

Is It Legal to Consume Weed?

We have already told you that you are bound to get in trouble if you are under 21 and trying to smoke weed. Now, no matter how many studies suggest the benefits of weed but FDA has partially legalized the consumption of weed. FDA has approved the use of CBD with 0.3% or less THC in certain cases, but weed smoke does not fall in these sections. However, in many states of the USA, weed consumption is not illegal, while some states still do not allow people to consume them.

But still, when it comes to purchases, the different companies sell weed and other products that contain THC and CBD. They are safe and have gone through several third-party lab tests. And purchase from these websites and consuming these are not that much trouble causing if you are not consuming them in public.

How Much Is Weed Safe for You?

Generally, weed can linger up to 8 hours. But if you are wondering for how long does weed help with tooth pain? Then there is no particular answer for that because different people can experience different results. But overall, weed can help you with tooth pain for two to three hours. Now talking about quantity, if you are a beginner and just using weed to relieve your wisdom teeth pain, you should start with only a small amount. Make sure the weed contains only 2.5 mg of THC. However, if your THC tolerance level is higher, you can consume up to 40 mg. But under no condition should the doses be exceeded. To measure the dose, buy the weed-infused with terpenes and other herbs. They provide the chart of doses.


Many people have never consumed weeds or CBD and THC-oriented products. But because of their present condition, they want to know how does weed help with tooth pain? However, getting the proper information regarding toothache and weed is quite a hard task to do. Depending on the hypothesis and several user reviews, it can be determined that weed can reduce pain. But considering the massive pain of a tooth or wisdom tooth, we cannot claim relief blindly. And the only way to identify is by using the weeds.