Does THCa get you high And What Is THCa?

Does THCa get you high

The cannabinoid has a reputation for elevating the human mind, but it has the maximum potency that no other plant has. Several government-funded University studies show that if the effect of THC is controlled properly in a Cannabinoid product, it can give us the maximum health benefits. People who use smoke or dab cannabinoids can even prevent the risk of Cancer, while those who smoke cigarettes and alcohol get the risk of Cancer.

Why is the controversy roaming around if the thing is so beneficial? The reason is that some of the chemical compounds that are present in cannabinoids and mainly responsible for elevating our minds. They are D-9 THC, D-8 THC, CBD, THCa, etc. These are the main active ingredients of Cannabis Sativa, which we call Cannabinoids or Marijuana.

Among all these ingredients, THC is considered the main ingredient that gives us the effect of a high. But THC itself is not technically responsible for the effect. But it is the THCa that produces THC. Now here is another question arriving, how does thca get you high? The answer is that THCa is a chemical compound that is technically responsible for producing THC. THCa cannot give you the effect of a high, but THC can. Discussing the matter in detail will help us to understand the entire subject. And if you practice the consumption of cannabinoids regularly or thinking of starting it, you will need it most.

A Brief Description of THCa

The compound THCa is tetrahydrocannabinol acid and is an acidic form of THC. The compound is directly produced from CBGA, the mother of every Cannabinoid. When CBGA breaks down, it produces THCa, CBDA, etc. The traits of THCa may be acidic, but it is not intoxicating. And THCa is responsible for producing THC. THC is present in every cannabis in the form of THCa. When we smoke, vape, cook, or dab, the external heat breakdown the molecules of THCa and produces THC. Now maybe THCa is the formal parent of THC, but there is some distinction that these two chemical compounds hold.

What Makes THCa Different From THC?

THCa is the acidic form that stayed in active in the cannabinoids, while THC is typically the activated form that produces from the THCa in the presents of heat. THCa belongs to the carboxyl group and acts as a precursor to THC. The larger molecules of THCa cannot fit in CB1 receptors, which is why THCa cannot give you high. And it is the same reason that raw cannabis does not promote any psychoactive effects or elevate you. But this information is not enough to answer the question, how does thca get you high? You will need detailed information regarding the subject.

Does THCa Get Us Elevated?

As we said, the main distinction between THCa and THC is intoxication. THCa cannot give us high as the molecule’s shape is large and cannot fit into cannabinoid receptors. CB1 receptors exist in our brains, lungs, kidneys, nervous system, and liver. Now, if the compound fits in the CB1 receptor present in these organs, it will not form any intoxication. The cannabis plant produces more than 500 cannabinoids, most of which provide medicinal and psychoactive effects. But among all of them, only a few, like THC, have a euphoric ring. Now the primary chemical compound that is present in the cannabinoids is THCA which later forms into THC. But still, it is not clear yet how does thca get you high? Let us understand how THCa produces THC. Once the product is heated, it no longer stays in the same structure. The process is commonly known as “Decarbing,” and it helps different cannabinoids to interact with our receptors.

How Does The Process of Decarboxylation Work?

The THCa produces THC with the help of decarboxylation. It is a process in which carboxylic acid is derived and removed from the THCa with the help of heat or light. In the process, the structure of the THCa molecules changed into a shape that can fit in our endocannabinoid system.

When THCa goes through decarboxylation, it loses some carboxylic acid compounds. Losing the compounds convert them into THC. There are many ways THCa can convert into THC. Here are some of them.

  • Heat and light of the Sun.
  • Higher than normal temperature.
  • Intentionally increasing the heat to consume them, for example, smoking, vaping, concentrates, or cooking.

Now the process is not only happening in the lab. Now you may be thinking about which method and if thca smoking and eating are the same. As we all know that there are many ways you can consume cannabinoids, and which one is better or which one can provide maximum high or health benefits is a controversial subject. When we buy cannabinoids to vape and smoke, it only contains THCa. Once we put it on heat to consume, the decarboxylation process occurs. On the other hand, when we buy edibles, the Cannabinoid already goes through the process in the lab and produces THC.

Are There Any Benefits That THCa Provide?

Along with discussing the question, how does thca get you high? Do we also consider whether THCa has the same benefits as THC? The chemical compound present in cannabinoids has multiple nutrients. Now, no matter if you are consuming it only to get psychoactive, Cannabinoid surely gives you some health benefits. Here are they.

1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

You may believe it, but nowadays, more and more people are trying cannabinoids to experience their anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory properties help eliminate redness, chronic body pain, swelling, etc. These properties also helped us to prevent several harmful diseases like obesity, arthritis, Alzheimer, cardiovascular diseases, and many more.

2. Reduce the Risk of Neurodegenerative Disease

The most common neurodegenerative disease that almost 6.2 million people face is Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s health issues. The chemical compound present in the Cannabinoid and THCa potently protects us from these diseases.

3. Reduce the effect of Nausea

Many of us often face stomach infections, food poisoning, motion sickness, high appetite, brain injuries, migraines, appendicitis, blocked intestines, and many more. A study in 2020 suggests that THCa has more potential than THC in reducing the effect of several types of Nausea.

4. Help in Weight Loss

Many medical companies are now using industrial cannabinoids to produce weight loss supplements. And THCa effectively helps the consumer reduce the issues related to being overweight. On the other hand, the element also effectively increases the insulin level that helps us to fight type 2 diabetes.

5. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The University of Illinois and the University of Chicago suggest that THCa technically produces THC, which contains a psychoactive compound. This special compound can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps with different types of sleeping disorders caused by stress and anxiety.

6. Helps in Dealing with Pain and Headache

Cannabinoids contain multiple nutrients, and so do THCa and THC. When you want to know how does thca get you high, you may also need to know how THCa helps you with pain and headaches. When the elements activate and reach the respiratory system through the nerve cells, they block the pain sensation. That is why people suffering from massive body pain get the best relief.

These are some of the common benefits that THCa can provide. Since THCa is a common element and is more or less present in every type of Cannabinoid, they provide almost the same benefits. Now let’s understand how we can use THCa to get all of these benefits and the highs.

How Can We Use THCa?

If you are concerned about the question, “does smoking thca get you high” and wants to get the benefits but do not want the effect of THC, then you can use THCa Crystals or tinctures. Usually, you can add THCa crystals externally in the flower that you smoke, dab, or vape to get high. In these methods, you must take a particular amount of THCa powder on the top of the flower and set it on heat to produce THC. But if you do not want your THCa converted into THC, you can consume it directly. Again, you can use THCa tinctures to avoid the THC by putting it under the tongue. And if you are not worried about the high, you can cook it with your favorite recipe to produce the edibles.

How Much THCa Should People Consume?

THCa produces THC if it gets heat or sunlight. That means the benefits THC provides are also present in THCa. But along with benefits and highs, another thing that varies here is the amount of THCa a person supposes consuming. Different experiments and studies show that a small dose of THCa gives people the maximum benefits. It means using less and buying less to get the maximum benefit.

Does THCa Appear on The Drug Test?

THCa and THC may differ slightly, but they also have a few similarities. Both show a positive trace in the drug test. If you use it for the first time, it will stay in your blood for three days. Now, if you use Cannabis or THCa crystal 4 to 5 times a day, it can stay in your blood for 5 to 7 days in the blood. And if you are a regular user, then after the last use, it can be traced within 10 to 15 days. Here we have given you an idea of the blood test, but in other drug tests, the trace can also detect after many days.

Is Consuming THCa Legal?

Though several studies’ results have come into the limelight, and many studies also suggest that THCa can provide several benefits, the Legality of THCa is still controversial. On the other hand, THCa itself may not elevate you, but it is part of cannabis, and heat can change the chemical compound of THCa. Some online outlets manufacture and sell different THC-concentrated products depending on the study results. However, buying and consuming them publicly is still a legal violation. Though if you are buying them online, you will not fall under any legal issues.

Which Products Have THCa?

The freshly harvested cannabis contains THCa, but when it gets in touch with heat in the lab, it breakdown down into THC. However, with the cold-pressed technique, manufacturers are now producing THCa crystals and tinctures, which do not contain the traits of THC and the high. Now, if you do not want to experience the high of THC, you can consume them raw by putting them under the tongue.

Can Anyone Consume THCa?

Unfortunately, THCa has some chemical compounds that are not appropriate for everyone. For example, THCa, THC, CBD, CBG, and other chemical compounds derived from Cannabinoids. Pregnant women, lactating mothers, underage children, and people with serious health conditions cannot consume the product. Now, if you are going through medication that causes massive body pain, you can consume the products under the supervision of your physician.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does THCa affect the brain?

Some studies show that THCa can improve brain function by providing the necessary nutrients. Though THC is a psychoactive agent and can elevate your mind for a while, you can eliminate the situation by consuming raw THCa.

Are CBD and THCa the same?

THCa is an acid present in the Cannabinoid, and CBD itself is the Cannabinoid. Both of them are completely different structures from each other. But when it comes to benefits, CBD and THCa both have anti-inflammatory objects and provide multiple benefits. And they are also non-intoxicating.


Now, why do people want to know the question, “how does thca get you high? Because they know that THCa has a huge potential. And recent studies suggest that THCa has no intoxication properties itself. And it is the method that is responsible for the effects. On the other hand, if you want to take the effect of the high and benefits of THCa then do not consume the raw THCa products. Almost every cannabinoid product has THC in them, and THC produces when THCa comes in touch with heat.